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  1. Texx

    Locking rings

    Will MeisterR locking rings fit BC Racing coilovers? If so, what would be the cost of a full set of rings?
  2. Texx

    Hullavington 17th May

    Booked up at Hullavington on Friday 17th May for some open pit action, was wondering if anyone else might be going along?
  3. Texx

    X Fest @ Santa Pod

    Anyone heading up to Santa Pod on Sat 4th May? Strip is open 'til 9pm, so assuming I've fixed my broken car I'll be there pretending I have some idea of what I'm doing.
  4. Texx

    Power window circuit breaker

    Spent some time trying to get the old rice burner back on the road, but since it's been parked up the central locking and power windows have decided to stop working. Another window switch hasn't solved the problem and at the very least the drivers window motor is fine as I can put the window...
  5. Texx

    Home DJ studio monitors

    Anyone have a home set up for DJ mixing? Over the past couple of weeks I've been playing around (have no previous DJ experience) and finding it a struggle to keep the EQ levels in check. I'm certain my downfall is trying to mix through a pair of MS-10i hi-fi speakers, they're far too coloured do...
  6. Texx

    Peugeot gearbox faults

    '51 plate Peugeot 206 petrol manual. Do these things suffer from any common faults with the gearbox? I wouldn't normally step within spitting distance of any form of French vehicle, but a friend of mine has an issue with her 206 (not 100% sure whether it's a 1.1 or a 1.4). It's developed what's...
  7. Texx

    BMW 330d

    I've pretty well much made up my mind that the Starlet has to go, I'm paying to insure the thing and all it's doing is spending 99% of it's time sat on the drive seizing up and looking very sorry for itself. At the same time I'm running around in a 2.2 diesel Vauxhall that I have very little...
  8. Texx

    Technical books

    I'm not the sort of person you'd often find with their head stuck between the pages of a book, most books to me are just an ornament sitting on a shelf or a paperweight to stop things blowing away in the wind. However just recently for some unknown reason I've bought several books from Amazon...
  9. Texx


    Bought some parts from Matt, he had them sent out the following day via FedEx Next Day delivery and PM'd the tracking reference without delay. Parts arrived the following day when expected, well packaged and in good shape. Matt is a top guy to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from...
  10. Texx


    Bought a Blitz Power Meter from Shaun to use with an SBC-iD. Arrived in good time and in the condition described. Many thanks buddy. :)
  11. Texx

    Cylinder head removal and installation info

    The head bolts should be replaced. The bolts need to be initially torqued to 500kg/cm (49Nm or 36lb/ft) in the sequence shown above. It's best practice to pull them down in a couple of stages to ensure the head seats correctly, pull them down in sequence to 25Nm and then again to 49Nm...
  12. Texx


    Bit of a random question, but has anyone got or had any experience with a Yardmaster metal shed?
  13. Texx

    Anyone work in a Mercedes main dealer workshop?

    Just after some info on replacing the throttle body on a circa 2004 C180K.
  14. Texx

    AE92 Corolla GTi

    I'm on the lookout for a pre 1990 AE92 Corolla GTi (T-VIS model) at a good price. I'm not bothered about the condition of the body, it simply needs an engine that starts and runs without any fatal knocks or rattles. If you have one rusting away in the corner or know of someone who does, then...
  15. Texx

    Vauxhall (Opel) Signum rear suspension arms

    Anyone ever had the misfortune of changing the banana shaped rear arms on a Signum? The arms on the old bus have developed far too much play in them recently, so I'm intending to swap them out over the weekend. I've not really had a good look, sticking my head under the rear bumper is about...
  16. Texx


    Bought some side skirts and rear bumper spats from Dan, to avoid them being damaged in the post Dan kindly delivered them himself. All PM's were responded to very swiftly and he arrived with the items exactly when he said he would. Many thanks mate :)
  17. Texx

    Dual vs Quad channel memory

    Can anyone clearly explain the obvious difference between dual and quad channel memory? My understanding is that if using 2 identical DIMMs the board will run in dual channel mode and when using 4 identical DIMMs it'll switch to quad channel mode. It appears that memory kits are supplied as...
  18. Texx

    Rear brake calipers

    Looking for a pair of rear brake calipers, preferably in good working order. If your near Bristol I can collect.
  19. Texx

    Boiler help needed!

    Does anyone know much about combination boilers? or a Glow Worm 30ci to be more precise.
  20. Texx

    Premium Bonds

    Who's got some and have you ever won anything? I've had some for several years, just thought I'd have a check online, but sadly they've never seen me even a penny.