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  1. Arnold

    Toyota Starlet Glanza Drivers side wing mirror

    For sale: Drivers side wing mirror for a Starlet Glanza, 1996 shape. Item Condition: Very good. Price and price conditions: £35 posted anywhere in the UK. Extra Info: Bought to replace a mirror on my 99, but it's a slightly different shape. Pictures: Contact Details: PM me...
  2. Arnold

    Splitfire HT leads in Blue + Distributor cap

    For sale: Splitfire HT leads & King lead in blue + distributor cap Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: £50 posted Extra Info: 8.8mm in size I believe. Removed from a working Glanza with a 4EFTE engine. Pictures: Contact Details: PM me or email trance_dj @
  3. Arnold

    Onboard video around Donington Park, Japfest 2.

    Onboard video of me going around Donington Park in my Glanza, in the 12:10pm session at Japfest 2. The back end felt quite light the whole time and managed to lose it in the last chicane with about 5 mins left, great fun though. Enjoy
  4. Arnold

    FAO: Admins - membership renewal

    Hi guys Just noticed that my automated paypal payment for membership was taken Twice. can you refund one of them please? Not sure why that's happened. Thanks Arnold
  5. Arnold

    Lost my gears! Help please

    Hey guys Car has been set for a week and when parked, it was running alright. Drove it about half a mile but my gear lever went soft / no resistance. I tried to downshift into second and there was nothing there, the engine just revved as if I was in neutral. I managed to get first and parked...
  6. Arnold

    Misfire on boost since Head Gasket change

    Hi guys I've recently had my head gasket replaced for an Athena MLS 1.4mm one, as the old one was knackered, but ever since this has been done, my car mis fires on boost. I've been told it's probably a weak spark so changed the cap and rotor arm, but the problem remains. The plugs were...
  7. Arnold

    Photos from the Japanese Goodwood Breakfast Club meet 07/04/13

    Went to Goodwood this morning for their monthly breakfast club meet, this one being the Japanese one, and didn't see any other Starlets. A few photos More at
  8. Arnold


    Hello Based on the above image, can you tell me how much each line represents in terms of degrees, on camber adjustment? Hope that makes sense. Thanks Arnold
  9. Arnold

    Wanted: Glanza drivers side wing mirror, 98/99 spec

    I'm after a 98/99 spec wing mirror for my Glanza ideally in 1A0 Silver blue, but will take any colour. The electrics / retracting function must be fully working. I've already got a 97 one and it's a different shape, so please only a 98/99 one. Let me know what you've got Thanks Arnold.
  10. Arnold

    Spotted: Black Glanza R636 *** on Horsham bypass

    Spotted a black Glanza about ten minutes ago on the Horsham bypass heading towards Crawley. Who are you?
  11. Arnold


    Hi guys How close to the renewal date should I get the documents through? think my policy is up in 2 weeks Thanks
  12. Arnold

    Wanted: Smoked Water Temperature gauge 52mm

    Hello I'm after the old style Race Spec Performance water gauge that reads in Centigrade. Bit of a long shot but if you're not sure, they look like this Cheers
  13. Arnold

    Back from the bodyshop! New bumper/spoiler on

    Got my Glanza back from the bodyshop, after having a Toms front bumper, rear duck spoiler fitted and drivers door resprayed. They've done a brilliant job on the repair of the bumper as it was in pretty crap condition, just some minor alterations needed on the fogs and the slightly larger gap...
  14. Arnold

    Fog light fitment query on Glanza / Toms bumper

    Hello! I'm having a Toms bumper fitted to my Glanza, the one that looks like this: When I bought it, I was told that the standard Glanza fogs would be a straight fit, but the bodyshop have called to say there's no way of mounting them to the new bumper. They've suggested they cut...
  15. Arnold

    How do you fit a duck spoiler on a Glanza?

    My Glanza is at a bodyshop having a duck spoiler fitted, and they're (worryingly) a bit unsure how to actually fit it on. Has anyone produced some sort of template or guide or has any information on how to do this? Ideally i'd like it to be bolted on OEM style and bonded on, or do you guys...
  16. Arnold

    Is it possible to restrict the car to 10mph etc

    My Glanza is going to a bodyshop tomorrow and I was wondering if it's possible to completely restrict the car to say 10mph or run like a dog whilst they've got her. I don't trust companies with her after Kwik Fit revealed they took her for a 'test run' after having 4 tyres fitted, and my...
  17. Arnold

    WANTED: Glanza rear splitter, Greddy RSS, Electric mirror

    Hello all, I have cash waiting to buy the following stuff Urgent - A Glanza rear splitter to fit a 97-99V. Any colour as long as not damaged. Also after a drivers side wing mirror in 1A0 Silver blue, but would take drivers/passengers if being sold as a set. I'm also after a complete...
  18. Arnold

    WANTED: Rear Splitter for 97-99 Glanza

    Anyone selling a rear splitter for a 97/99 Glanza? Condition must be good / sprayable. Let me know. I'm based in Sussex/Surrey area Cheers Arnold
  19. Arnold

    Slow speed oversteer.. back end came out

    Yesterday I pulled out onto a pretty small, tight roundabout doing about 10/15 mph and the next thing I know, the back end has gone light and spun out from behind. I've got Meister R coilovers which are set reasonably firm all round, whiteline panhard rod, fixed ARB, 4 pretty good Goodyear...
  20. Arnold

    F1 2012

    Anyone got it? I've heard it's much better than 2010 and 2011, so one for the xmas list probably!