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    wrist pins??

    do anyone know what size the starlet carry
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    anyone useing toyosport tdo4 manifold r they any good?
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    can a all 4e knock senors work on the 4efte

    please help
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    the wrc killer
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    can scion springs work on the starlet
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    can tercel lowering springs fit starlets
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    greddy t517z

    anyone on here useing this turbo how would this turbo perform on a 4e and it uses the same flange off the garrett gt25 and 28s ?
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    ct9 rebuild kit

    can some one point me to a site r something
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    gt2860r and t517z

    are they the same it looks like both of them use the same mainfold and downpipe, which one is better on performance?
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    safe level of high boost for ct9

    whats the highest boost i can run on my ct9?
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    car out puttin oil????

    i'm getting a massive amount of oil out the bov and in the intercooler, why is this happening turbo needs a rebuilding ????
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    ct9 hybrid

    where can i buy one??
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    Garrett GT2554R (GT25R)

    any one on here running a Garrett GT2554R (GT25R) on stock engine??? any lag from this turbo on stock engine is it to much for the 4e??
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    more action from the wrc killer

    :rockon::rockon: :rockon::rockon:
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    whats a normal size to use will a Oversize: 31" X 12" X 4" Core Size: 24" X 12" X 3.5" fit with out cutting bumper??
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    ct9 hybrid r tdo4l

    which of the two turbos r better to u?
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    can a 4agze clutch work on a 4efte?
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    clutch not work

    need a little help my clutch is stick its not goin in any ideas of whats goin on?:confused:
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    water injection

    anyone on here run this set up can i riase boost with this some info please
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    anyone on here usein gab shocks would like some feed back on these