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  1. SKINY

    Lets talk splicing abs sensors

    As above folks really lol, managed to stretch a rear sensor wire on the Caldina while fitting the coilovers, don't ask fs. What I'm wanting to know essentially is can you cut and splice a different model sensor in ? Surely as long as the actual sensor nipple that sits in the hub is the same...
  2. SKINY

    Scalextric thread

    Anyone else have anything to add to this before I start it ?? :)
  3. SKINY

    Can somebody please ffs sort the photo loader out

    Sideways photos, make me not want to post them. Grrrrrr :(
  4. SKINY

    Happy Easter

    Hopefully everyone is lying about munched out on eggs lol :) traffic in the usual spots will be mental as per, we have nothing planned apart from decorating lol Can't even go a cruise as the Dina is bad driving with the shocks and the Yarrari just don't cut it lmfao
  5. SKINY


    Sooo, the Crazy Russian has started it off. Sat watching the News last night and watching him speak was chilling, zero emotion or expression just as you'd expect from a psychopath!! Meanwhile the rest of the world is sanctions sanctions sanctions, they won't work and I think he is serious...
  6. SKINY

    Drivers door hinges

    As above folks must be in excellent condition with no dropage Jay, you anything about ?
  7. SKINY

    GT rear wiper arm

    Anyone got 1 ?
  8. SKINY

    FPR fitting help

    Has anyone a list of what i need and some diagrams/instructions ? SARD fpr and its going close/where the power steering bottle is :)
  9. SKINY

    Blitz bov and pipe

    Posting for Ian as the big twat has lost his login Blitz pipe and dump valve, Northern Ireland based can post 180£ Also rear Glanza Varis bumper 400£ can post also but collection preferred on it Give me a shout folks
  10. SKINY

    New house :)

  11. SKINY

    Whats in your loft

    Clearing out and packing up the loft and came across a Scalextric set I bought when Mason was a toddler, maybe 14 years ago now, used once then stashed and forgot about lol Gonna get it setup later and race Danielle for "favours" ;) Found a RC helicopter too about 700mm long fuck knows where...
  12. SKINY

    Profec A optional hi boost button

    Long shot but I'm looking the option button that plugs into the interaction socket on the rear of the controller Jay could you post a pic of yours bud, or you could always sell me yours.......... :)
  13. SKINY

    Thanks Tim :)

    Thanks for the fast post and excellent communication buddy :) Guage is in what I would say brand new condition, you would swear it had never been in a car :)
  14. SKINY

    New Work Wagon

    New Truck arrived in Wednesday lunchtime and I've commissioned it Thursday Tea time(10am) Komatsu HD465-8OE :) 45 Ton empty 65 Ton capacity but has Greedy boards fitted so it will hold 80 Ton. No speed limiter on this 1 so it will do 40mph at 125 Ton given the room to do so. 7 forward gears 1...
  15. SKINY

    Toolbox corner

    Treated myself to a Halfrauds tool chest today as I badly need organizing in the tool department :D 165£ but 130 with the trade card :cool: lined the drawers and base with some lino floor I had spare coz why not lol
  16. SKINY

    What Fuel are you using

    I've used BP Ultimate for as long as I can remember in all my Jap stuff, never bothered with it in the dailys, always been the cheapest in the town that's not a supermarket. Had to fill the cars last night so instead of the Yaris getting cheap stuff I fed it some BP Regular 95, may aswell get...
  17. SKINY

    Gummy rings is there a cure

    Obviously the cure is open it up and change them lol But, is there anything else that you can do ? An additive or anything Was sat for maybe an hour earlier and had the occasional puff, nothing major like Puff the magic dragon on the like lol After compression test(in my thread) it's down the...
  18. SKINY

    Realistic parts prices

    Cant help but notice the starlet tax is still a thing :rolleyes: 2 engines, 1000 and 1500 £ Quadlights not in the best shape 350 £ sold Glowpanel and mk1 lights sold 500£ Anyone else spy anything scandalous lately or took a mauling for parts ? Think my dearest purchase was the wepr kit at 85 £...
  19. SKINY

    Profec controller bracket

    Just in the off chance that anyone has 1 lying about lol Can make 1 easy enough but a genuine 1 would be great :)
  20. SKINY

    Yaris parts

    Breaking my Yaris so if anyone needs anything give me a shout on here or 07925751247