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    Relay wiring on quads

    i remembered so easily because the member that made the tread is my close
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    Relay wiring on quads
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    Covid 19

    looks like a really nice set up.....those honda enthusiasts need to be watchful now skiny 2.0 in the house :D
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    oil feed

    or try to get a used 4efte oil filter housing/unit which has the oil feed built into it via a banjo bolt... and install it on the 4efe block
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    "Sard analyze" ecu in my new 96 starlet glanza v

    welcome aboard brake pad wise, assuming your brake set up is stock...i once bought hawk performance pads from the US back in the day...various compounds to choose from you may have to try looking under Toyota Tercel parts
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    miss fire

    try a diagnostic for any codes check distributor, plugs, plug wires, ignitor, map sensor---all associated wiring and connections
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    rattling noise on timing side and oil light has come on

    when you reassemble,,,i'd suggest you do a quick oil and filter change after starting the car...just in case any metal bits got into the engine and oil passage mentioned you didn't find any metal when you checked the old oil,...but my suggestion is just a precautionary measure
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    New house :)

    its coming along nicely :cool:
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    Piston Rings

    worse/practical case alternative is to check for a used head in good working condition and be on your merry way---this is if you can't get replacement valve(s) or your head is seriously damaged . however, i'd strongly suggest that you consider refurbishing the used head to be safe, its easier...
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    Covid 19

    all the best :cool:
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    Piston Rings

    I'd also suggest that you determine why that issue occurred in the first place. this should help to avoid it reoccurring in the future.
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    Rattles and squeaks

    regarding the parcel shelf...i bought felt pads/strips with the sticky underside...cut it to length and stuck it along the plastic trims where the shelf sits...i suppose anything that has some padding/cushioning will do the trick
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    Article on top gear website still looks good i've always admired that car
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    Covid 19

    have heard many similar instances of not feeling 100% during the healing cycle and even afterwards for a period of time...good that you want to get back to exercising etc., but again follow how you body feels and don't over extend yourself too fast anyways speedy recovery to you
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    Covid 19

    may need to pace yourself the next few days,,,energy levels may not be optimal just yet
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    Covid 19

    sorry to hear...sincerely wishing you better yeah, we all will probably catch it at some point whether vaccinated or unvaccinated ,,,just have to try to keep our bodies/immune systems in as good a shape as we can to fight it off as fast as we can
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    Turbo Whistle - Ballbearing Turbos??

    5e tod4l was a great daily driver...very responsive, great low/mid range power...can have you smiling if you're not chasing power figures 5e vf series had more mid/top end power, but slightly more lag on gear changes and to build boost, its not dreadful, but i noticed it because i ran the td04l...
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    Turbo Whistle - Ballbearing Turbos??

    i've ran ct9, td04l, vf series, etc. on 4e and such whistling :D but i've always ran full exhaust systems to reduce noise the ep82/91 i remember with any kind of whistling had on downpipes only or short exhausts
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    Turbo Whistle - Ballbearing Turbos??

    a few people i know with modified evos have that whistle's what they have in common -- big ball bearing turbos, short air intakes, short big downpipes/exhausts (3", 4", etc) from the time they start the car the whistling is there from idle most ep82/91 turbo whistling noises i've...
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    Resurrecting the MR2

    its looks like a decent project if you can regain the focus and put the work/funds in....and our projects always want more work, time and funds than we have, but we do it nonetheless :D