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  1. weeJohn

    Golden oldie!

    Hello folks, not a new member, but its been a few years since I have been on here regularly as my car has been in stasis! Its back out from the cryo chamber in the elements and in bits as usual, but hopefully not for long!! Looking forward to feeling some EP boost again soon, catching up with...
  2. weeJohn

    Celica TRD 3 point rear strut brace

    For sale: Gen 7, ZZT230/231 Celica, TRD 3 point rear strut brace Item Condition: Used, repainted. Price and price conditions: £100 ono Extra Info: Repainted satin enamel black as original dark green paint was chipped in places. Sticker nor original but had it lying about and it suited...
  3. weeJohn

    75mm Ross piston

    I am after just 1 x 75mm Ross forged piston for a 4EFTE. If you have more than 1 for sale might be interested as well.
  4. weeJohn

    Its just to hard to decide! 6 or 10, 6 or 10, 6 or 10........................ I want both!
  5. weeJohn

    1997 SR Starlet for breaking

    For sale: Black 1997 SR Starlet for breaking Item Condition: 100k on the clock, its been hit at the front and repaired not to well. Outside is ok, inside is tatty, some good parts on there listed below. Price and price conditions: Prices of main parts listed below, anything else, PM for...
  6. weeJohn

    Lancer forum primetime thread

    Check out this thread, it was getting 100 hits a minute at 1 point lol.
  7. weeJohn

    Cusco BMC, EP82

    For sale: Cusco brake master cylinder support, EP82 Item Condition: Very good, freshly painted Price and price conditions: £70 posted Extra Info: Wont fit an EP85 :( Pictures: Contact Details: PM or text if you have my number Location: County Antrim Delivery & Conditions...
  8. weeJohn

    Little girl powerhouse.

    I dont like the game at all, but this is impressive!!
  9. weeJohn

    Ultimate road revenge?

    This is a belter lol.
  10. weeJohn

    Apexi SAFC

    For sale: Apexi SAFC, blue screen model. Item Condition: Very good, screen perfect, few scratches on the side. Price and price conditions: £100 Extra Info: Wires have been extended as it was on our MR" and the ecu is miles away. Pictures: Contact Details: PM or text if you...
  11. weeJohn

    HKS oil filter relocater with thermostat and 2 coolers

    For sale: HKS oil filter remote relocater and 2 oil coolers. Item Condition: Used and new. Price and price conditions: £220 Extra Info: Relocater has room for 2 sensors and has a thermostat, the relocater attaches to a tap off that connects onto where the filter used to be housed, it...
  12. weeJohn

    99 Glanza front seats

    Looking for 2 standard front seats with rails to replace some red and black "stylish" buckets already fitted, in N. Ireland would be best I think.
  13. weeJohn

    Gear linkage bushes/bearings

    I just bought a set of these from ebay, £10 posted and they look good. Thought they looked familiar and when I compared them to a set of skateboard wheel bearings, they were exactly the same. Just a heads up for anyone interested.
  14. weeJohn

    Mr2 at Kirkiston

    Here is a wee vid of Ted and me round Kirkiston, Lotus hunting.
  15. weeJohn

    Want to work for Red Bull Racing?

    Looks like an old thread so could be a repost, but for anyone who missed it here you go. Take their aptitude test for fun.
  16. weeJohn

    Toyota model codes explained

    I found this on Lie-a-pedia, found it elsewhere and it matched so I will use it as a link. Its not xompletely comprehensive and I will explain why next, but its still interesting. Now the final letter on the GT and Glanza model code is "Y". This guide does not even mention Y in it, but it doesnt...
  17. weeJohn

    Top 10 Toyota sports cars

    Toyota did an online poll, here is what the public thought was their best 10. I think a few people were maybe trying to blag a test drive as the GT86 was in there lol.
  18. weeJohn

    #4 cylinder Magnecore lead

    I managed to damage the silicon outer on 1 of my leads, its the lead for #4 cylinder from the dizzy cap, boot type. Red would be perfect blue would look good with the bonnet closed, what have you got?
  19. weeJohn

    Non interference engine proof

    It has been asked and stated a few times so I decided to do some measuring while I had everything apart. With the intake valves fully open and stock 4efte (7.2mm lift) cams in, the valve protrude past the face of the head 4.9mm (once skimmed head). With the intake cams fully open and 5efhe...
  20. weeJohn

    Crankshaft degree wheel for cam timing

    I found this, its a printable degree wheel jpeg for crankshaft position. It would need to be cut out and mounted onto a piece of stiff card or plastic, it may not be as accurate as a cam manufacturer supplied one but it would do for a guide to check things are close.