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  1. GTnomez

    Drivers side rear caliper

    After the above please. Good condition and its for a K reg, if that makes any different.
  2. GTnomez

    Battlefield 3

    Anyone play this then? I find it a right laugh
  3. GTnomez

    T3/T4 Turbo

    How well do these turbos go on Starlets? Ive done a fair amount of research and PM'd a few people with no avail but do i need to be looking at a specific one with certain A/R? My starlet is 5e currently with a VF24 on one of wepr's kit, im looking to change and at least hit 300 or so. Im...
  4. GTnomez

    GT28 turbo

    Just wanted to know if you can get these turbos in a 4 bolt discharge (hotside). I have searched around on the net and i have seen these turbos with a 4 bolt discharge but i am unsure if its the right turbo im after as i know i should be looking for a GT2860RS with an A/R of .64. Reason...
  5. GTnomez

    Urgent Help Please!! Engine problem!

    HI Guys! Got a bit of a problem and ill cut to the chase. New engine in, runs fine no problems, i get the MOT done and drove home. An oil leak showed up so i checked it out and it seemed to be coming from the timing belt cover. Well i found out that it was just the rocker cover gasket was...
  6. GTnomez

    Lower Arm Bolt

    Just after the bolt that goes in the lower arm through the chassis please, seem to have misplaced mine. The 17mm one. Cheers
  7. GTnomez

    Fast Road package Brake upgrade

    Brake upgrade & TD04 Kit For sale: Very good, perfect working order. Price and price conditions: £90 Extra Info: Were taken off my GT yesterday, I would say they have covered not much mileage at all. I bought them from another member ages back and then a month or two after that my car has...
  8. GTnomez

    Engine Help, Wont crank over

    Heres the story. Finally got round to dropping the engine into the car after a year off road. Swapped all the ancillaries over and connected everything up from the wiring loom. Filled the car with oil and disconnected the fuel in the cabin and removed the king lead so i can prime the engine...
  9. GTnomez

    Garage clearout

    For sale: WEPR CT9 Mild Steel Manifold (external gated) Item Condition: Brand New, never been used once. Price and price conditions: £200 Extra Info: This manifold has be customised to fit an external wastegate on. It has had the four branches professionally cut and welded into and had...
  10. GTnomez

    Engine help

    Engine is in now and i only have a few things to connect up before i start it. The coolant pipes on the throttle body, now i know which are coolant and which are vacuum BUT do the coolant ones go a certain way i.e one is for in and on is out? By the gearbox there should be two loose plugs...
  11. GTnomez


    I know the starlet has interchangeable injectors from other cars (thanks to the thread on here) but i picked up some 550s which have different part numbers and colours to the ones i was after. But these are also 550, high impedance so how does one know which injectors work? The ratings are...
  12. GTnomez

    Iphone auto correct.

    I have never laughed like this in such a long time! everybody in the office are wondering why i keep laughing really loud lol...
  13. GTnomez

    Medal Of Honour (MoH)

    Whos on it? I got it yesterday and had a quick go, im a bit disappointed as its more like CoD and im a Bad Compnay 2 Fan but none the less i'll get used to it. Its very similar to CoD which means some on here must have it?. PSN - Devilnomez B)
  14. GTnomez

    5e Cambelt/Timing Belt kit

    Im after the above. I dont see why the 5e one is more expensive as its on the belt which differs slightly but the rest is the same. Let me know thanks
  15. GTnomez

    **52mm Defi boost gauge with sender**

    For sale: 52mm Defi Boost Gauge With Sender Item Condition: Item is in good condition but has a small crack in the face which DOES NOT affect the performance of the gauge at all. This lights up green and the needle is red, it reads in psi and with these gauge you can peak and record. Price...
  16. GTnomez

    5e rear crank seal

    Is there anywhere i can get this? I can go to toyota but its f*cking £45 for it!
  17. GTnomez

    Few Parts (ARP, Oil PMP, Gasket)

    Im after a few parts, as above im after; ARP Headbolts OEM Oil Pump Gasket Kit for the whole engine build. Thanks
  18. GTnomez

    Notching the block help!!!

    Hi guys! I founf out the hard way that my block needs to be notched. It was built but upon turning there was an obstruction so its need to be notched :( I know its slightly grinding the block to give it clearence but what exactly needs to be done? I would like to know where needs to be...
  19. GTnomez

    Look who it is!

    Well hes still about and what the hell is up with the price? Dont know if its been posted before. Beware of dt125_2009, i think its him anyway :haha...
  20. GTnomez

    Flywheel Bolts

    Im after a set of flywheel bolts. I specifically want 5e ones but not sure if 4e are the same Thanks