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  1. mudi

    Attempted hacking of my account on here

    Got the same one too, with the following IP address
  2. mudi

    hit 1.7bars stock int, Help needed...

    dark_knight I really have no idea how long it boosted 1.7 , could be i noticed earlier or later :-/. dac69er Running a Manual/Mechanical Boost Controller.
  3. mudi

    hit 1.7bars stock int, Help needed...

    :confused:So got me glanza mapped on avgas on emanage , runing an EWG zisco tdo4 kit. so she ran good for 3-4 weeks a strong 1.1bars all day but then last week noticed the guage go all the way to 1.7 bars :confused::confused: then just to confirm...
  4. mudi

    Launch Control / Flyby on my glanza in Africa :)
  5. mudi

    Will a ep91 quick shift fit a ep82..?

    Yeah! it will work just fine
  6. mudi

    Newbie from Cork

    Welcome to TGTT :) Sweet Rolla you got there ;)
  7. mudi

    Hey from Australia.

    Welcome to TGTT :)
  8. mudi

    new car after 4 years with starlets,

    Wow! great work mate, both look brilliant ;) those wide arches and the wheels are maaaad on both of em' :rockon:
  9. mudi

    Happy birthday tggt!

    Happy birthday TGTT:rockon: Waow! 13Years
  10. mudi

    Hi from Zoe

    Welcome to TGTT
  11. mudi

    Emu car won't start

    Won't it start completely? or it starts for the first time and then later it wont?
  12. mudi

    Rav 4 E-Brake warning light showing up (Handbrake released)

    Thanks for the reply guys. weeJohn there is enough brake fluid. nistarbo alright I'll check on that.
  13. mudi

    Rav 4 E-Brake warning light showing up (Handbrake released)

    it's a 09 Rav-4 and just landed from jp, even after releasing the handbrake still the warning light is on and beeps. What could be the problem here?
  14. mudi

    Post a pic of your car as it sits right now.

    Here she is as it sits right now
  15. mudi

    Post you external wastgate location!

    Hey Sheldon , I hope these pictures will do some justice :)
  16. mudi

    few random pics of my starlet

    Sweet! GT you got there
  17. mudi

    greetings from greece!

    Welcome to TGTT
  18. mudi

    EP82's are they getting rare yet?

    Heres some GT's for sale in japan
  19. mudi

    more sound :)

  20. mudi

    Merry Xmas TGTT!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!;) Dont be stupid and leave your precious love and joy at home if you'll be drinking. :haha: Peace