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    Bolt on gearbox

    I'm looking for a replacement gearbox just wondering which ones are a bolt on swap? And would an n.a. fit an ep82 no problem?
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    C52 gearbox question

    Need to fit a new gearbox into my ep82 and managed to get a cheap c52 gearbox off eBay which I was told is from a aw11 mr2 but the shifter mechanism is on the other side for some reason have I got the wrong gearbox or am i missing something
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    EP82 Door/Weather Seals

    My Drivers door and boot are leaking the rain in really bad does anyone have a part number or know anywhere I can get new seals from.
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    rx7 top mount

    Was thinking of going with an rx7 top mount on my ep82 but I was aiming for about 200 bhp is it possible or do you have to have a front mount
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    locks for an ep82

    I'm after a complete set preferably but if not just the drivers side would do as the key I have atm only does the ignition
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    What brand is best?

    Was just wondering is there a particular brand that is the best or are most of them much the same already gone with new shocks and springs so looking at doing the anti roll bars and pan rod and haven't got a clue
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    locking wheel nuts

    So my girlfriend inherited a car from her uncle when he died a about a year ago and it now needs a couple of new tyres but it has lock nuts on all four wheels we have turned the car upside down looking for the socket for it can't find it anywhere and all of her uncles stuff that hasn't been...
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    alternator belt

    This has probably been asked hundreds of times but I can't seem to find an answer I need to replace my alternator belt got to do it tomorrow when I am off is there a special one for the 4efte engine or is it the same as the 4efe
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    What coilovers are you running?

    I'm going to be looking at getting a set of coilovers in the not so distant future and I was wondering what other people are running to get an idea of what sort to go for I personally am going for a fast road set-up but would be interested in what everyone else is doing
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    Emanage blue switchable maps

    As the title says I was wondering if you could have a switch that liked to your emanage to change the map so I could have an economy/mot map and a high bhp map?
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    What is this?????

    I have come across a little black box that sits under my drivers seat and I've been wondering what it is I asked a mechanic friend of mine and he doesn't have a clue either we unplugged it and restarted the car didn't seem to make a difference. here are a few pictures of it if that helps...
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    how much is a 4efte engine worth?

    As the title says just wondering what you guys would think was a good price so I know how much I have to save up sick of chasing oil leaks and arriving everywhere in a cloud of smoke lol
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    shipping expertise

    I'm looking into shiping a 4efe engine from Ireland to north Wales does anyone know any good companies to use and or a ruff idea of the weight?
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    Is this running lean

    So I was doing a compression test on my ep82 today and when I pulled the spark plugs out they were white on the tips here are some pictures
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    Stupid question

    Gonna sound stupid now but I'm going to do a compression test and I know I need to pull out the efi fuse but can someone tell me where it is on my EP82
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    crank pulley sorry

    Hi guys I know this has probably been asked a million times but I can't find the answer will a crank pulley of a 4efe engine fit a 4efte
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    Anyone know how to adjust this

    Does anyone know how to adjust this FPR its from sard and any suggestions of what fuel pressure I should be running for 1 bar of boost I've heard 45 psi but it's already on 55
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    is there a difference

    Is there different types of ct9 turbos I know there is a ct9a and b but would one off a different car altogether fit
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    What's your opinion?

    I'm looking to replace my turbo what's everyone's opinion on this The car is my daily drive and I'm running standard internals so don't...
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    leaking oil pump

    So me and my friend have been chasing an oil leak on my ep82 for ages now finally chased it to the oil pump it looks like the gasket does anyone now where I can get a new one from tryed my normal parts place they dont carry them