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  1. starletsy

    Starlet brochures

    I have a few doubles from my collection of brochures if anyone is interested. Priced at £15 each plus postage. Will do a discount on multiples being brought.
  2. starletsy

    Brochure and memorabilia collection

    Thought a few of you would like to see the collection I've amassed. I've concentrated on mostly EP91 stuff as that's what I've always owned. I have a good selection including the price lists and optional extra and dealer option brochures. There is a selection of Netz brochures too who were a big...
  3. starletsy

    Tribute Jam gear knobs and horn push

    First off these are not genuine items they are a tribute to what Jam racing produced. I have a genuine gear knob that I used to get the logo correct. They are not an exact replica size wise either I wanted people to be able to tell the difference between these items and the genuine Jam produced...
  4. starletsy

    Parcel shelf mounted air purifier filter

    Has anyone found a source other than toyota for a new filter for the parcel shelf mounted air purifier? I though maybe a cabin filter from another car might fit?
  5. starletsy

    Thermostat housing spare bung thread size

    So I want to fit a water temperature gauge and want to fit it in the spare port in the thermostat housing. I know zep racing sell an adapter but it’s expensive for what is is when shipping is take into account. I did some searching and found someone posting that it was M16 x 1.5 it’s definitely...
  6. starletsy

    Stock BOV hoses

    Has anyone got the 2 stock BOV hoses? Just might be quicker buying a second hand set that waiting for new ones from Japan...
  7. starletsy

    Potenza Gymkhana suspension

    These came on the red Glanza have now changed them to coilovers. No leaks but a bit of surface rust on them and the springs also one of the rear adjusters is stuck. Attached picture of the car with them fitted should give an idea of height. Looking for £175 plus shipping.
  8. starletsy

    Headlights and speedometer face

    Know it's a long shot but has anyone got a new or very good condition Glanza drivers side headlight willing to also buy a pair. Also looking for a stock glanza speedometer face the 180kph one if someone has changed to indiglow ones again willing to buy a cheap cluster complete if someone has one.
  9. starletsy

    Clutch recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a clutch will be running about 180-200hp I guess blitz k1 with matching ECU, 1 bar boost pressure exhast with decat. I have used exeddy ones in the past both paddle and organic on higher powered builds but that was in the past is there anything better out there...
  10. starletsy

    Bottom plastic cover for oem 3 point brace

    long shot I know but does anyone have this part available would consider buying a brace if it includes the part I need
  11. starletsy

    Anyone know where this GT is now....

    Would like to find the owner of this GT, it's the one that Paul from Woodsport swapped the 2zz celica engine into. I believe it was sold by it's original owner Chris 2-3 years ago not seen anything of it since:
  12. starletsy

    Section engine damper

    For sale: JDM section engine damper Item Condition: Used comes with all needed to fit including longer bolt Price and price conditions: £50 Extra Info: Pictures: Contact Details: P.m. Location: Lincolnshire Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Within the UK £8.50
  13. starletsy

    Genuine Varis dry carbon bonnet and side skirts

    For sale: Genuine varis dry carbon bonnet with weather tray Item Condition: Has been painted but the paint bubbled in places so needs sanding back and painting again. Price and price conditions: £300 Extra Info: Pictures: This is how it looked before paint: How it looks...
  14. starletsy

    Sard radiator

    For sale: Very rare full alloy sard radiator fit both the ep91 and ep82 complete with fan and cap. Item Condition: Used could do with a clean and some of the fins tidying up but is in good sape with no leaks. Price and price conditions: £130 Extra Info: Pictures: Contact...
  15. starletsy

    EP91 Optional extra recaro rear seat

    For sale: EP91 optional extra rear seat Item Condition: Good condition no rips holes or bad marks Price and price conditions: £100 Extra Info: Pictures: Contact Details: P.m. Location: Lincolnshire Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Postage within the UK £12
  16. starletsy

    Whiteline 22mm front ARB

    For sale: 22mm whiteline front arb Item Condition: Used some rust usual for whiteline stuff bushes and drop links good. Price and price conditions: £50 Extra Info: This made a nice difference combined with the rear arb which has already sold. Pictures: Contact Details...
  17. starletsy

    Sard radiator

    For sale: Alloy Sard radiator full width Item Condition: Used no leaks very few bent fins Price and price conditions: £150 Pictures: Contact Details: P.m. or post below Location: Lincolnshire Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Would prefer collection but can look...
  18. starletsy

    HRF TD05, greddy front mount cooler and front mounted Apexi filter

    All sold long ago please close For sale: Section engine damper Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: £70 Extra Info: Comes with everything including the longer bolt needed Pictures: Contact Details: P.m. or post below Location: Lincolnshire Delivery & Conditions of...
  19. starletsy

    Selling an engine how to prove spec...

    Wondering id anyone has any other ideas on this, the engine in my car is out of the last sprint car Dave at T.M. Developements built i know the spec of the engine but i've got no proof as i'd known Dave for years so never needed it and never thought i'd be in this situation where i wouldn't have...
  20. starletsy

    TRD T3 15" alloys

    Item Condition: Used have been painted grey but this is lifting and show the orange through. They have not been curbed and are all straight Price & Conditions: £300 collected Item Description: Very very rare forged TRD T3 alloys made by rays 15 x 6.5J ET35 4.5kg approx very very light...