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    PCV Valve

    Anyone got one of these lying around? Thanks.
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    Steering Belt

    Having some probs sorting the steering on my 4E'd Sera. I got the correct reservoir-pump pipe this week, but the steering is still a bit stiff, particularly when turning sharply. Now at the moment I have a 1080mm PS (and A/C) belt on (original Sera one), but even at the top of the adjuster arm I...
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    Tough to push into first/second

    Hi, I recently converted my auto Sera to a manual 4e-fte. I've only been driving it a few days and its kind of tough to put into first and second. Its not like a crunching from the box, rather you have to give it a litte extra elbow power to push it and can feel some 'obstruction' along the...
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    Power Steering Dead!

    I'm just getting my Sera back on the road after 4E-ing it. All going good except the power steering is dead. The wheel is turning and I've tried bleeding it by lock-to-lock a few times but nada. I took off the banjo bolt and turned the wheel by hand a couple of times and fluid didnt really surge...
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    Power Steering Reservoir-Pump Pipe

    Just need the rubber hose plz.
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    Front TMIC Hose and Heat Shield

    As per title, need the hose that goes from the TMIC to the steel pipe that comes out of the turbo. Also a manifold heat shield. Hit me with prices incl pos to Ireland if you have them.
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    Stock Dump Valve

    Would anyone happen to have one lying around? With vacuum piping attached if poss.
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    Bypassed solenoid - Need HKS Actuator?

    I'm in the process of putting a 4e into my Sera and not bothering with the hi/lo solenoid. Someone was telling me that if I just use the stock actuator or a cheap boost controller it will creep like crazy until fuel cut. Is the only way around this to get a HKS actuator or am I better off just...
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    Long shot: 5E airco bracket

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone would happen to have one of these lying around? I sold the 5E engine from my Sera and left the airco bracket on it and want to mount the compressor onto the 4E now. Thanks.
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    BOV Options

    I'm transplanting a 4E into a Sera from scratch. I got the inlet track off a member on here and it looks as if its been sealed where the stock recirculation valve sits with the part circled in red below cut away. I'm just wondering (totally new to all this btw) if I can still fit one of the...
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    Getting Airco Back

    Hi, I have a Sera which I've fitted a 4E-FTE to. The 4E block didn't come with an a/c bracket. I'm now going about sourcing one, but I'm not sure which one to get in case there's a difference in sizes between to the Sera compressor and the Starlet one, which would throw the belts off if I got...
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    Turbo-ing a Sera

    Hi, I just bought a 4E-FTE and am in the process of transplanting it to my Sera. I'm sure I'll be adding bits and pieces as I go so decided to create and account here for when I run into trouble. The guy I bought the engine from said that someone here would likely buy the 5E exhaust manifold...