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    new hg question

    I have had a new hg fitted does anyone know if it will need re torqueing after an amount of time, also how long does it need to bed in correctly?? cheers
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    urgent help needed!!!

    Got car back from the garage last night, it had been in and had all the head reconed new head gasket stem seals. i have a dump valve but for some reason this was not dumping i was just getting wastegate chatter and a very high picted whooshing when car was boosting, so i took the boost...
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    very pooly gt

    :( my gt went in to ave head gasket done on tuesday got a phone call yesturday the guy said that who ever had had it b4 me ad not been changing the oil regualy enough and it has turned to like a sludgy mess, so the result is engine overhaul, the head is off and been stripped to the the bare...
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    auto to manual

    Just wondering how hard it would be to convert my auto GT to manual and if it is going to be really expensive. has any one on here done it??
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    catolytic converter

    Hi Guys do 1994 starlets have a cat or not? if so how much does a replacement cost??
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    really F****** off

    Just had the garage phone me up with a price for doing my head gasket!!!! 800 quid without a skim 900 quid with a skim so looks like my baby could be off the road for quite a while then!!!:mad::mad: is this bout right money or are they just taking the piss????
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    Toyota Starlet where it all began (interesting!!)

    (From wikipedia.) The Toyota Starlet is a small automobile manufactured by Toyota from 1973 to 1999, replacing the Toyota Publica (and retaining the Publica's "P" code and generation numbering). However, the Publica name continued to be used in some of Toyota's export markets. Contents...
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    Blown head gasket!!! good garages in hampshire required

    had sniffer done yesturday result is that the headgasket has gone.:mad::mad: if anyone knows of a good garage in hampshire area please let me know contact number would be good too. rep added for helpful replies.
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    rad cap???

    i got a rad cap for the starlet from toyota and the bloody thing didn't fit so now i am looking to get an upgraded one. but if the one from toyota don't fit will an upgraded one, i will just say though that the one from toyota was only just out anyone else had this or know the answer??
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    headlight bulb part number

    just going through some old bits for the car and found part number for headlight bulbs thought it might be useful to someone, 90981-13064
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    radiator cap wanted

    as mine is fooked must hold 0.9 bar
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    getting really F***** off now

    :mad:Ok cars been losing coolant over time and found that it had been coming out of the overflow on the water bottle, some1 said maybe i over filled it anyway checked this morning and the bottle was empty loads in the rad though went for a gentle drive and the coolant in the bottle rose about...
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    looking for

    A good garage to change headgasket on my gt anybody know of one in the hampshire area also some idea of cost would be good. cheers Alex
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    got pulled last night.....

    for no insurance last night but i have the cetificate at home and have been paying for it for two months, are there any websites i can put my reg in and see what i says??
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    reasons for losing coolant

    Hi guys and gals i have a 1994 gt its done 66000km i changed coolant 3 weeks ago toyota pink as well as the oil and filter filled both while the car was cold to the max lines. anyway so i check it yesterday oil is fine nice and golden very clean still check coolant level down to...
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    single piston or twin piston

    Which Baileys dumpvalve is recomended by everyone?? single piston or twin piston as i thought as the starlet does not have an airflow meter it could not use twin piston dv:confused:
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    gauging interest. south meet guildford

    would any body be up for a meet one sunday night in Guldford maybe end of April time??
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    opions please

    The other day i noticed that my thermostat housing gasket has gone and it is now leaking coolant, i need my car to get to work so i have continued driving it with this problem keeping an eye on coolant level and topping up when needed i have ordered the prt should be with me on Friday, is...
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    loosing coolant

    I am loosing alot of coolant i think i know where it is coming from the pipe that goes to the thermostat is this a common thing?
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    looseing coolant

    I have just checked coolant level in the expantion tank today and it is on low i had this all don two weeks ago so i know that i have lost some, but i had a presure test done on the system and there was no leaks on it so cant really understand where it is going and why i am looseing any.:rolleyes: