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    Engine temperature

    I've noticed recently that on boost my engine temp goes down quite a bit. Temperature always seemed to sit just a tad under half but it seems that with a short run of boost it will drop to around a quarter. (havnt gone to mad to see if it goes lower) I presume if it was water pump or headgasket...
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    Koenigsegg Ragera Nothing on a gt but at least they tried What a car 0-400kmh in 20 seconds! Probly takes your browser longer to load that page lol
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    Car park bump

    Wondering what you all would do upon witnessing a car hit another car. The car that got hit had no one in it. Would you live and let live and stay out of it. Or approach the driver etc. Will give details after a few replies just wondering what others would do.
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    Japspeed exhaust

    Got a new one of these fitted today and have the rattle that comes with it. Does anyone have a good solution. Stiffer rubbers or heat wrap on axle or anything that helps? It's touching the bumper so that won't help but will wedge something in temporary probably then get the bumper trimed to...
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    Toyota rnd So Toyota is it to launch this new rnd. Interesting times from Toyota. Would be awesome if they were to do an updated starlet. Since Nissan done a new pulsar etc. although if that was the case I think we would have knew...
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    Few interior parts wanted

    Ep82 vanity tray Jdm flare (preferably with a Toyota symbol on it) Optional Front door card speakers. I have original door cards so if anyone just has speakers and surround. Passenger window switch with all clips intact A velvet ashtray insert. The same as no smoking ashtray After these to...
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    Anybody a spare set of wheels in Belfast or surrounding areas

    Hi folks. Looking to get my wheels refurbed. As I use the gt as a daily I don't really want it off the road atm. So anybody got a spare set of wheels I could borrow for a couple of days? Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just something I can drive on for a few days. Long shot but I'm...
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    Door decal "gt turbo" gauging interest

    Hi all after my other thread regarding eBay decals I have contacted a local graphics company who think they should be able to recreate the decal. So I'm waiting on a price back from them for a set for myself and have asked for a price for multiple sets. So I'm gauging interest if anyone would...
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    Door decal 'Gt Turbo'

    Any body used the eBay door decal As stated before I got one from Toyota but they are all discontinued now. So anybody used the ones above. Any pics of how close to genuine they are?
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    Dash lights

    With the dark evenings in I'm looking to brighten up the inside of the gt. Got some footwell lights to put in and my climate controls don't light up, is there a number of bulbs in these units or just 1. Can anyone shed any info, bulb size fitment help etc? Atm the only thing that lights up is...
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    Anyone got a few quid?

    Found this on gumtree. Some prices a bit high imo but I'm sure most of us would love to get our hands on most of that stuff. 2 4wds among it all Wasn't the one in the first pic on...
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    Paul walker memorial cruise/meet *venue change*

    Just found out that this has been changed from Lisburn to junction 1 tonight. Anybody from here going to this. Don't know wether to go myself yet.
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    Alternator fitment

    Just wondering is the ep82 alternator the same as n/a. Think mine might me goosed so just want to know before I get it voltmeter tested. Cheers
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    Anyone any pics of rescueman on ep82?

    As title says folks. Wondering the best place to fit a rescueman. I know people have put them on doors and centre console etc. Thanks in advance
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    Tax disc changes

    Thought I'd post this up just for info to people unaware of the changes. The mad one for me is that tax is no longer transferable to a new keeper. So no more ugly disc on the windscreen :drive::rockon:
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    Wheel nuts

    What wheel nuts is everyone using? I'm going to get my wheels sprayed soon and want to get some shiny wheel nuts to go with them. I have d1 spec ATM and a few of them are starting to round a bit. I've read a few threads on the web that d1's aren't safe or strong enough. Anybody on here had...
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    Annoying noise

    As above lads. I've a noise and can't locate it properly. It's a bit of a vibrating/knocking noise. All wheels have been balanced and aligned. The rear bearings done also. it sounded a bit like a buckled wheel or dodgy wheel bearing. The front passenger wheel isn't spinning totally free so...
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    Wheel bearings

    I'm looking to change wheel bearings all round in my mk3 ep82 I've got a few part numbers I need some help with. 90369-35029 - front wheel bearings? 90368-17017 - rear outer bearing? 90366-27001 - rear inner bearing? 90311-38037 - rear oil seal? Are these numbers correct and...
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    1984 Toyota sprinter

    I seen 1 of these around Kilkenny yesterday. Looked a real nice car. Does any1 know any spec about them or any1 on here owned 1. Cheers
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    small progress on my gt

    See post below. gryzor fixed the photos for me. thanks gryzor