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    Filter Relocation & Intercooler piping parts

    For sale: CT9 Grill relocation piping Item Condition: used, but all good Price and price conditions: Filter relocation - SOLD / Large cold IC piece - SOLD £5 for the turbo/DV intercooler hot pipe, £3 for the little Bailey BOV piece, but open to offers on these bits as I am not sure what...
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    2002 Seat Ibiza Cupra

    For sale: 2002 Seat Ibiza Cupra in Onvi Yellow Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: £2000 no offers Extra Info: 2002 Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8 20v T 3 Doors, Manual, Hatchback, Petrol, 117,000 motorway miles, Onvi Yellow MOT 02-2013 TAX 6-2012 Full Service History...
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    1996 Glanza V EP91

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    Alternator Fail - 1 week old

    Hi all, need some help, recently had a problem with my OE 15 year old alternator (it happens), so replaced with a refurb/new item from Camskill as well as a new battery, a week later the battery/cat light comes on (after working fine for a week). I checked it with multimeter, 11.3v and...
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    Glanza V Gear Gator

    Need the Gear Gator cover bit (leather/plastic) that covers the gear changer PM rather than reply to this
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    100 amp alternator fuse

    Hi all, Anyone know the part number / where i can get 100 amp alternator fuse? it's the one that bolts into the engine bay fuse box?
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    Urgent help - Electrics are down

    Hi all, Basically my battery died yesterday and the total donkey who offered to jump me put the leads the wrong way round and now my car is dead I think (I didn’t seem him attached the leads as I was in the car) What would I need to change in order to get it running based on...
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    Filter Relocation / Creep

    I am wondering there seems to be so many people suffering from boost creep when fitting relocated filters (behind the grill > CT9 turbo). The W/G has been ported & this is a far better condition turbo than the one I had before when last trying the relocation. This time might be different...
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    Removal of unwanted electrics/sensors/hoses

    Does anyone have a detailed photo/write up for removing all these sensors/hoses that are left over (connected to the throttle body/inlet) when the air-con is removed? I've seen one photo, but doesn't really make a lot of sense to me. Anyone able to confirm what can be removed. I have a few...
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    Vacuum hose size for HKS SSQV

    What is the correct size for the nipple>inlet manifold for HKS SSQV? The SSQV is smaller than the inlet mani, so not sure what size, 6mm seems too big for the BOV Is 4mm ok? Will it fit on the inlet?
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    Breather filter to replace PCV?

    I know people run gutted PCV / closed inlet systems - Is there anyway of fitting a filter (as people do with the main breather) to the PCV hole on the rocker cover? Would there be any benifit to this? I found running closed breathers (to a Catch tank) would cause gunk in the oil cap, with the...
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    Does any use this? Mighty cheap stuff to be had, but as always, too good to be true I'd imagine?
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    Reverse Bonnet Scoop

    Any for sale? Doesn't matter what colour - for EP91, but I think they're the same as the 82 PM me
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    MAP Sensor

    Just wondered if my MAP sensor is on the way out. The car has always idled a little rough & the other day it started hesitating and mis-firing under load (around 4krpm). All ignition components are new and OEM, plugs are all the usual light brown with no fouling. Re-assambled and everything...
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    BOV, Wheels, Parcel Shelf, Pedals, Tyres

    All sold - All Posted (bar the wheels, which are being collected)
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    EP91 (if it makes any difference) near side (passenger) rear brake caliper

    As above, need one ASAP, gotta be in good working order
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    Rear Caliper Sticking

    I need a 1996 EP91 Glanza V (with ABS) rear near side caliper as mine keeps sticking on, I have cleaned it up, but still sticks. What's best to do, buy a caliper or get a rebuild kit and get my mechanic friend to rebuild both rear calipers.
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    Wheel quicky

    Would VW 4x100 fit EP91 V?
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    Spacing turbo>intercooler

    What would be the best thing to make a gasket to space the turbo>intercooler pipe out? The oem thin one doesn't space the hot pipe out enough to clear the power steering pump/adjuster CT9 fitment > Custom short pipe Needs to be 3mm at most, maybe cork?:confused:
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    Worn CT9B

    Just wondering what a CT9B with worn seals (no shaft play) is worth if anything? I have one, few cracks in the gate, it's blowing oil through the cooler and smoking - is it worth anything or worth binning? Maybe someone could use parts from it?!