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    Does EP82 starlet have the same electric window motor as the GT Turbo?

    Hi everyone, Can someone please let me know if the window motor of a GT turbo fits a regular starlet ep82 (1995)? My window motor is making too much noise when I lower my window (front right door). The motor is broken. The only motor available close to me is the GT turbo one. Kindly let me...
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    Can a 5 door EP82 (4EFE) swap to 4efte? Can the chassis and frame hold the extra power?

    Hi, I've bought a 1995 4 door stock Ep82 with 4EFE engine. I want to fully convert it into an EP82 GT Turbo (with 4 doors). Already bought most of the body parts as well as the dash including GT axles and braking systems. However, I'm more concerned whether the chassis can hold such power? As...