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  1. JamesG_GlanzaV

    Starlet Turbo Manuals

    I have some japanese starlet manuals that I got a while back off a guy on one of the facebook groups, thourght id post them up on here so people can view/download them as there is quite a lot of good information. I have one for the Engine aswell but it is too big to upload, all copyrights belong...
  2. JamesG_GlanzaV

    New to the forum, My Glanza V

    Hi guys new to the forum, thourght i would introduce myself and my Glanza V:). I purchased it in october last year after searching for a clean one for a fair while. Its a white 96 spec with 150000km on the clock, imported in 2017. It is pretty much standard barring some aftermarket wheels from...