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    new hg question

    what about how i drive should i keep off the happy pedal for a bit??
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    flux capactior

    :haha::haha:haha::haha::haha::haha: who is this clown even my missus who has no intreast in cars is pissing herself right now:haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha:
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    new hg question

    I have had a new hg fitted does anyone know if it will need re torqueing after an amount of time, also how long does it need to bed in correctly?? cheers
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    whistling noise?

    my money is on the gasket tbh
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    whistling noise?

    well i would imagine that it is going to be one of those things if i were you i woud order the gasket from toyota and change it they are not expensive best to do the cheapest first. then if it still does it then its more than likely going to be the mani
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    whistling noise?

    did tou remove the turbo? if so did you change the gasket if not you have probably got a leak as you should always change the gasket after removing.
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    urgent help needed!!!

    Just spoke to the garage today they had taken the turbo off and they didn't change the gaskets they just put the old ones back on could this cause this problem also anybody know how much these are from Toyota
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    urgent help needed!!!

    but the car is not idleling high or rough so i really dont know, all i do know is that when the car went in it was boosting fine could it be turbo related??
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    urgent help needed!!!

    Got car back from the garage last night, it had been in and had all the head reconed new head gasket stem seals. i have a dump valve but for some reason this was not dumping i was just getting wastegate chatter and a very high picted whooshing when car was boosting, so i took the boost...
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    very pooly gt

    :( my gt went in to ave head gasket done on tuesday got a phone call yesturday the guy said that who ever had had it b4 me ad not been changing the oil regualy enough and it has turned to like a sludgy mess, so the result is engine overhaul, the head is off and been stripped to the the bare...
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    How dangerous of a driver are you?

    You scored a 79% (B)! Your driving level is: a little risk
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    auto to manual

    that includes gearbox and all bits i wonder if anyone on here does that sort of thing that is not to far away from me?
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    auto to manual

    Just wondering how hard it would be to convert my auto GT to manual and if it is going to be really expensive. has any one on here done it??
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    riddle 4 u

    HURRAY you have finally got a riddle, this was a piece of piss i know but i didn't want you lads getting to down on yourselves for not solving the previous two PMSL
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    riddle 4 u

    If a rooster lays 2 eggs a white one and brown one. What color will the babys be?
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    catolytic converter

    Hi Guys do 1994 starlets have a cat or not? if so how much does a replacement cost??
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    BREAKING! Toyota starlet GT Turbo. Most parts available.

    you got a non standard exhaust if so what is it how much you want for it??
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    ct9 hybrid

    from looking at post on here the amount of boost varies between 1bar and 1.4 bar but you have to remember every car is diffrent so what is good for someones might not be good for yours
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    How good are factory fitted lsds?

    i have standard one on mine and i find it to be good for the power that i am running which is only slightly over standard, but it does struggle a little in the wet!!
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    Idle just went downtown!?

    cheers fellas