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    Search button has died

    Phil has made that much money on parts lately he's willing to fund it :rockon:
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    NI Meet Saturday 12th December

    1. jjayokocha - soup & bread roll 2. Jay - Latte and a jam roll
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    NI Meet Saturday 12th December

    Well as a combined venture between myself & Phil we will be having a rr day and meet together. It will be held at GSportcars in Belfast as per Phils thread on Saturday 12th December @ 11am. The meet will take place in the car park beside Gavin's place. This thread is for anyone wishing to...
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    NORTHSTARS* RR day / Meet Sat 12 Dec

    I be there for the meet but won't be on the rollers
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    Rustproofing an EP
  6. J

    Rustproofing an EP

    See knew I heard someone using the fiesta sills. Was that a price for a new one at motor factors?
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    Next NI meet?

    how about another Lisburn meet? I might have the white glanza ready for one in the next month
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    We NEED a Mobile version of TGTT.

    Ye the scoobyireland site died off after the americans bought it but a facebook page was set up and everyone seems to use it now more then the site
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    Rustproofing an EP

    Did I not read years ago Ford Fiesta sills fit the starlets?
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    Some epic gaming going on lately, the crew needs expanded
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    2015 meets - NORTHSTARS

    Jay don't say stuff like that when Joel is about ha ha. Its been a long time since ive got to a meet so defo make the next one in 1 of the glanzas
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    HKS bov

    anyone in N Ireland got a hks bov they wanna sell me?
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    Wanted: Glanza V £1200 max

    Anything cheap out there that needs a little work?
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    Glanza V wanted

    Mate in work looking one, he has a max budget of £1300. Anything out there running????
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    Wanted: aftermarket ep91 exhaust system

    have an exhaust system on car that's breaking but need to check the make. £150 and I throw in free delivery
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    looking for gearbox, working or spares/repair

    have 2 standard glanza boxes here in need of repair, 3rd away in them
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    what turbo for forged 4e and clutch??

    Go for CAP clutch, its the one for mr2 but fits fine. Its rated to 280ft lbs
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    External setup

    I've helped a mate rebuild his Glanza from scratch and we have it all running now. He has a tial external waste gate on with 1.1bar spring but is only running 0.9 bar. Am I right in thinking the tial should have a lower rate spring then the boost on the controller?
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    Glanza engine wanted ASAP

    Friend has bought an ep91 but bottom end is away so he wants to replace the engine ASAP. Anyone got a good running one?
  20. J

    CHEAP Black Quadlight EP82 Shell + Extras

    nooooooooooooooooooooo :(