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  1. MarcoGTTurbo

    TD04 fuel pressure

    Hi all, Done a search but cant find the info I need. I know theres no 'set in stone' answer as every engine is differnt. I just want to know roughly what PSI I should be using on my RRFPR at 14PSI from the turbo - TD04L, FMIC, Tubular Mani, 2.5'' decat turbo back exhaust - Stock ECU...
  2. MarcoGTTurbo

    Brake booster and master cylinder change on an ABS car

    Hi all, My brake booster is stuffed and have a replacement. Ive never changed one on a car with ABS? Is it just the same as a non ABS car? i.e take out the old unit and put in the new and just bleed the brakes at the wheels as normal? or does something need to be done at the ABS...
  3. MarcoGTTurbo

    TD04L oil leak

    Hi guys, Over the weekend I converted from CT9 to a TD04L. Did the manifold, FMIC, dumo pipe, oil inlet and oil outlet and everythind else to go with it. Primed the turbo - fired it up no leaks, boosts fine, no smoke on start up or on boost. Pulls good at 7psi - jobs a good en. I...
  4. MarcoGTTurbo

    TD04 external wastegate question

    Hi all, I'm in the process of installing my new TD04 kit and would like to install an external gate. My question is- how far off the manifold can the wastegate be? I have. Few clearance issue and would need to weld x2 short 90degree elbows together and the the flange for the gate. I...
  5. MarcoGTTurbo

    RRFPR fittings sizes

    Hey all, Going to be installing my Turbosmart RRFPR this weekend. It didnt come with any fittings so will need to go out and buy these tomorrow. Ive tried searching the forums but cant find the specific info I need? What size fittings do I need for the inlet and outlet on the reg? Its the...
  6. MarcoGTTurbo

    GFB G force 2 Electronic Boost Controller

    Hi All, Ive emailed off to the HQ at GFB as I have a few Q's regarding there EBC, but also have a few Q's I think ya'll can help out on ;) Ive just installed my new GFB G force 2, gone through all the settings etc to familiarise myself with it and im OK with this - But - what should I...
  7. MarcoGTTurbo

    external WG on stock cast manifold

    Hey guys, As you are aware I am having problems with boost creep. I ported the CT9 wastegate last week and thought I resolved the issue. But its back. Was going to put in a FCD and FPR but having issues with that, Sooo Im going to put in an external wastegate and TIG up the crack and WG...
  8. MarcoGTTurbo

    HKS FCD EP82 hesitating

    Hi guys, Ive used the search function and googled all sorts to try and figure out my problem but to no avail, so posting here to try come up with a solution Just installed HKS FCD using the EP82 wiring diagram into the ECU and plug next to it. Counted the pins and spliced into the wires...
  9. MarcoGTTurbo

    Pointless porting a cracked wastegate?

    Hey all, I am looking at porting my CT9 wastegate as I have it off at the minute. The EP82 is suffering really bad from boost creep due to the relocated air filter, so my idea is just to port the wastegate. BUT it has a little crack. Not too bad and is probably a few mm long. Is it...
  10. MarcoGTTurbo

    TF035 exhaust side fan blades

    Hey all, Just getting all the bits together to do a TF035 tubby conversion. I picked the TF035, got it home and noticed that a few of the fan blades on the exhaut side had like marks on them. On closer inspection it looks like something has been in there and bent the very end tip of one...
  11. MarcoGTTurbo

    Found very annoying engine leak

    Hey all, Since I bought my GT I have had a very annoying engine leak, which would put 1 or 2 drops of oil in the garage every few days. I was coming from the back of the engine and I initially thought it was the sump. I recently followed the oil leak up to the cam (rocker) cover and put...
  12. MarcoGTTurbo

    Low temp thermostat question

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a low temp thermostat which opens at around 70degrees. I live in Australia so thought it might be a good idea. My question is - with the water in the engine been cooled down by an extra 20degrees, would this have much effect on cooling the oil down too? I...
  13. MarcoGTTurbo

    Replica/Copy external wastegates

    Hi all, I thought I'd just post this in the chill out forum as its not really a tech question regarding copy external wastegates. I'm looking at buying an external wastegate and I keep seeing copy/replica Tial wastegates and other cheaper brands. My question is - are these worth looking...
  14. MarcoGTTurbo

    Chopped n changed exhaust due to farting noise LOL

    Hey guys, Since theres not much going on in the general area chat, I thought I’d add a new post of what I got upto today. I like seeing all the mods that go on so Im guessing other people would like to see :) Sooo, my car has started to lose some of its exhaust note and started to gain a...
  15. MarcoGTTurbo

    Custom exhaust manifold

    Hi guys, Just done a bit of a search for some info but cant seem to find what Im looking for. I am going to be making my own exhaust manifold out of mild steel, but Im after a bit of advice. What size tube should I be going for? 1 1/4'' or 1 1/2''? It will be SCH40 steel steam pipe...
  16. MarcoGTTurbo

    Leather effect cam cover

    Hey all, Just thought I'd share with you a little technique Ive been practicing, where you can get paint to look and feel (kinda) like distressed leather. You layer paint, waxes and thinners and melt out the wax to give a leather look. So today I decided to give it a go on my spare cam...
  17. MarcoGTTurbo

    rear brake dics same as fronts?

    Hey guys, Im finding it increasingly difficult to find rear brake discs here in Australia for my mk2 GT........just wondering if Im able to buy a set of front discs and use those? Whats the difference? Cheers
  18. MarcoGTTurbo

    bleeding clutch with a one man brake bleeding kit

    As above really, Going to bleed the clutch and have a one man brake bleeding kit, so just wondering if that will work so I can do it on my own? The concept is the same but just want to make sure Im not missing something simple? Cheers
  19. MarcoGTTurbo

    2 wires from the brake reservoir

    Hey guys, Just having a root around the engine bay cleaning it up etc and came across these 2 wires which are broken. What are they for? Is a linked up to the dash to warn if getting low? Also coming out of the same part of the loom is a disconnected connector? Any ideas where it...
  20. MarcoGTTurbo

    Factory hi/lo boost with a aftermarket actuator

    Is it possible to get the factory hi/lo selonoid to work with a aftermarket actuator with only one vac line inlet/outlet on it? Before everyone says bypass it, I'm trying to keep it original Cheers