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    Brake Upgrade to twin pot Carina GT calipers.

    Can we direct fit Carina GT AT212 Twin pot brake calipers to starlet GT? :confused: I know lot of people running the levin twin pot. I don't know the levin twin pots and the carina GT twin pots are same or not. :rolleyes: Thanks.
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    LSD Identify

    Recently I got a LSD gearbox(EP82 GT) and which I don't know the brand and the type. One thing I can tell it is not a factory LSD which don't have a external LSD part. So it should be a aftermarket LSD, Also It does not has the clunking noise when turning. Can anybody help me to identify the LSD...
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    EP82 TRD Short shifter vs C's Short shifter

    Recently I got a short shifter which I found it is a C's short shifter, Does anyone using it? and how it perform compared to the TRD one.