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    Quadlights 205 black/LSD box/wiper mechanisms/fuel tank

    I'm after a set of quads in 205 black if possible but will take a set any colour. Non oem lsd box, TRD 1.5, cusco, quaiff kazz etc Ep82 wiper mechanisms and motors Ep82 fuel tank unless anyone could confirm the ep91 is the same? Thanks
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    Mk3 interior and engine loom

    Hi all On the hunt for a mk3 interior AND engine loom. As mint as possible please, no broken wires or plugs etc. Drop me a pm. Cash waiting
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    Starting right end of ignition forged glanza

    Hi all I'm having a problem with my glanza in that when I try to start it it just turns over and over. Then right as I turn the key off it splutters into life. Any ideas? New plugs leads dizzy cap, getting plenty fuel. It's just right as I turn key off to stop cranking it it fires into life...
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    98 spec breaker members first dibs before ebay

    I'd like to give members first shout on anything from this breaker. If you want something I will list it on ebay with an agreed buy it now price. I should have stated that the car will be broke mid of February as it is motd till then. I do not want deposits or payment for parts until they are...
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    Used parts pricing

    I have just picked up a 98/99 spec forged glanza. I am going to be breaking it as the arches are gone. I would appreciate help with any pricing of parts as its gts I normally deal with Genuine 98 spec bumper with lip Genuine rear bumper with lip 98 spec lights Brand new front lights Glanza...
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    Mk1 parts/optionals/interior/mk1/2 headlight panel

    After pretty much anything for a mk1 gt. already have glowpanel lined up. I need a front bumper lights and grill desperately. Also if anyone has a scrap mk1/2 shell I need the panel where the light adjusters go into as someone has butchered my mk1 to fit quad lamps at some stage. PLEASE pm me...