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  1. glanzadude

    Starlet Turbo Manuals

    That's quite cool thanks
  2. glanzadude

    Ct9 Air filter relocation kit and a turbo gasket

    I have a brand new air relocation kit Sold And I have a brand new Ct9 turbo gasket €20 posted
  3. glanzadude

    Short route Ct9 hot pipe

    Would be a real shame But got me thinking lol
  4. glanzadude

    Short route Ct9 hot pipe

    Now sold Thanks
  5. glanzadude

    Project 'Nannygeddon'

    Looking much better
  6. glanzadude

    Greddy E-manage blue

    Going to keep thanks
  7. glanzadude

    Project 'Nannygeddon'

    Do you have any photos Jay?
  8. glanzadude

    Gt Advance?

    Nice looking car and from Ireland too
  9. glanzadude

    Newbie from cork

    Welcome Stev
  10. glanzadude

    Morning all. I'm a returning noobie

    Welcome back to the Toyota starlet family, nice looking car you have there, love the mk1 front bumper
  11. glanzadude

    Stock TMIC cover

    Think they can still be got brand new
  12. glanzadude


    Looking quite well Jay
  13. glanzadude


    Jay is that intercooler on the right for sale?
  14. glanzadude

    How to: Levin BZR Brake Upgrade

    Toyota levin twin pot calipers, Toyota corolla e10 carriers and toyota mr2/yaris discs i have on my car.
  15. glanzadude

    New to the forum, My Glanza V

    Nice clean looking pre face lift glanza. To much glanzas off that age with the face lift kit. Any plans for it?
  16. glanzadude

    toy tuning liquidation

    I watched the full lot, some mount off cars he got and crashed over the years. Not the best pilot in the world. Would love to have all the money he spent on the cars and parts. I would be mortgage free for 2 are 3 homes. He likes the sound of his own voice. What's the story with sunglasses on...
  17. glanzadude

    Ep91 TRD wishbone bushes

    I put ep91 wishbones in my ep82 so I am sure they will fit both
  18. glanzadude

    Not a Newbie but an Oldie that thought this had died!

    Hello there, my god 14 years with the Gt, is it in storage yea?