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  1. glanzadude

    Ct9 Air filter relocation kit and a turbo gasket

    I have a brand new air relocation kit Sold And I have a brand new Ct9 turbo gasket €20 posted
  2. glanzadude

    Short route Ct9 hot pipe

    Now sold Thanks
  3. glanzadude

    Greddy E-manage blue

    Going to keep thanks
  4. glanzadude

    NCT Low idle FAIL, what could it be?

    Well lads put the gt in for the nct to night and this is what it failed on, the car is 1992 The supervisor said to drive the shit out of it and drop it in to him to test it again next week. I didnt drive it on going in to the test maybe thats why i failed as i didnt clean out the engine. i...
  5. glanzadude

    GT starlet, rear brake caliper not working please read

    lads i went in for the nct on saturday and it failed on the drivers rear caliper not working, the foot brake is not working / stopping the wheel for turning But the handbrake is 100% i have changed the caliper and rebuilt it so IT IS NOT the caliper and also removed the rubber pipes that go in...
  6. glanzadude

    *** WANTED **** EP 82 drivers window motor

    lads i am looking for a drivers window motor for the EP 82 as i dont have 200e for a new one are is there any other car motor that will work on it? thanks
  7. glanzadude

    Stock starlet S shape air filter pipe wanted

    I am looking for the pipe that comes off the efi pipe and goes on the air filter Thanks
  8. glanzadude

    96/97 Glanza V leather steering wheel

    Found one thanks
  9. glanzadude

    Genuine Rear bumper and side skirts

  10. glanzadude

    Photos of the Gt i crashed 10years ago

    I was cleaning out the house and found thos old photos of my gt i crashed in 2003. I broke a red light and a van went in the side of me. Thank god we all were ok but my poor gt died that morning.I will let the photos do the talking.
  11. glanzadude

    Glanza rear lip & blitz decat

    For sale: Blitz decat Item Condition: 100% Price and price conditions: 100 GBP Extra Info: selling this as i cleaning out the garage. Pictures: Contact Details: PM me Location: Galway Ireland Delivery & Conditions of £20.00
  12. glanzadude

    Glanza fishnets

    Now sold can close it
  13. glanzadude

    Genuine Recaro Fishnet Rails + Plastics, EP91

    For sale: Genuine Recaro Fishnet Rails + Plastics, EP91 Item Condition: good Price and price conditions: £200 pounds + paypal fees + ((( POST ))) Extra Info: They will take any recaro seats, will throw in recaro bolts for 5 pounds Pictures: Contact Details: PM Location...
  14. glanzadude

    Happy Christmas & New Year from Glanzadude

    To all Happy Christmas and new year to you and yours.hope you all have a super holidays and don't drink and eat to much. Safe driving also over the Christmas Period Thanks for all the help and info over the year. Talk to you all in the new year Stephen
  15. glanzadude

    Genuine Varis sideskirts for EP91 & Genuine Varis rear bumper for EP91

    ITEM: Genuine Varis sideskirts for EP91 DESCRIPTION: Used CONDITION: Good EXTRA INFO: Its Genuine, Logo on the Inside PRICE: 120 pound but that is only a price of the top of my head *** OFFERS **** LOCATION: Oranmore Galway Ireland DELIVERY TERMS: Collection preferred or delivery can be...
  16. glanzadude

    Toyota Glanza rear lip

    Now sold
  17. glanzadude

    Glanza rear bumper with lip

    ITEM: Glanza rear bumper with lip DESCRIPTION: N/A CONDITION: 100% EXTRA INFO: thos lips are coming hard to find PRICE: 120 PICTURE: LOCATION: Galway DELIVERY TERMS: post CONTACT INFO: 085 1845 704
  18. glanzadude

    Toyota glanza rear lip

    Item Toyota glanza rear lip Item Condition: Fine Price and price conditions:now sold Extra Info:This is the standard rear lip from toyota that comes with some Glanzas from Japan Pictures: Contact Details: Pm Location: Galway Ireland
  19. glanzadude

    How to spray a quarter panel with a spray gun??

    Ok lads as you all know i had over fenders on my car but i removed them but with doing so i was left with marks on the rear panels. I went to two local sprayers and they are looking for $$$$$ for a small job (( just a touch up )) I can not drive on the roads too as i have no insurance so my...
  20. glanzadude

    For Sale: Original livesports EP91 Rear lip

    For sale: Original Livesports rear lip (( NOT A CHEAP COPY )) Item Condition: 100% Price and price conditions: NOW SOLD Extra Info: I was a long time looking for this rear lip as i didnt want to get the cheap copy ones as they are a bad fit and brake is a super fit as you can see in...