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  1. Rick

    closed bonnet scoop

    I should have some full pre preg carbon ones arriving in the not too distant future.
  2. Rick

    EP82 and EP91 Rear Bumpers Wanted

    Hi guys, I'm after an EP82 and an EP91 rear bumper. I don't need the entire bumpers, just the exhaust bit and around 6" either side if somebody fancies cutting them up for me as I want them posting. Thanks in advance guys. Rick
  3. Rick

    Black starlet GT BREAKING

    Fancy delivering the bonnet to Southampton? Cheers Rick
  4. Rick

    Bonnet wanted either EP82 or EP91

    Hi guys, I'm after a bonnet for either an EP82 or EP91 in the Hampshire area. I couldn't care less about the condition as long as it's straight and complete. I need it delivering to an address in Southampton though, hence me asking for one in Hampshire. Ideally I'm wanting one as cheap...
  5. Rick

    EP82 Sill Kick Plates

    Magic, thanks very much Jay.
  6. Rick

    EP82 Sill Kick Plates

    Hi guys, I'm after a set of EP82 sill kick plates. Let me know what you have guys. Cheers Rick
  7. Rick

    Genuine Toms spats for both EP82 and EP91

    It's so difficult to say fella. Sometimes it will release from the mould no problems with absolutely no damage whatsoever, other times the item gets totally destroyed, hence me not really wanting to borrow anything from anybody to do this. At least if the items are mine and they get destroyed...
  8. Rick

    Genuine Toms spats for both EP82 and EP91

    Thanks Jay you're a star, although I'm afraid I couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't get harmed in the process. I am very greatful for the offer though. If you hear of any going just give me a shout. Do you know if they can still be bought new? By the way, if you guys fancy another trader I'd...
  9. Rick

    Genuine Toms spats for both EP82 and EP91

  10. Rick

    Genuine Toms spats for both EP82 and EP91

    Hi guys, I'm after some genuine Toms spats for both EP82 and EP91. Condition is unimportant to me but perfect fitment is. The cheaper the better. Cheers Rick
  11. Rick

    Zombie Battle For 2 In Abandoned Manor House

    For Sale: Zombie battle for 2 in an abandoned manor house experience. Item Condition: Brand new Extra info: Hi guys, this was bought for my brother in law for his birthday but I don't think he is too keen on it and would prefer something else. Therefore this is up for sale. The...
  12. Rick

    Wheres all the enthusiasts gone? - old timer

    Wow welcome back Macker mate. I lurk on here very occasinonally these days though.
  13. Rick

    Tragic loss to the starlet world : RIP Dave Burwash!

    This is terrible news. I met Dave on a couple of occasions and he also gave me quite a bit of help, a lot of it for free too. He was a good guy and he will be very much missed in the Starlet community. My thoughts are with his family who are no doubt going through an extremely tough time. RIP Dave
  14. Rick

    Gunmetal grey Starlet GT Turbo

    God I miss my gt. I'd love another gunmetal gt and one day I'll have one but the time is wrong for me at the minute. Gunmetal is by far the best colour for a gt, and rare at that. Good luck with the sale, somebody is going to end up with a nice gt here.
  15. Rick

    various ep82 bits going cheap

    Did you get my pm? I'll take the skirts fella, just pm me with paypal details and I'll send payment.
  16. Rick

    Greddy EMB, Air filter relocation hoses

    I can vouch for Rob, a top bloke. Anybody can buy with confidence from him. Good luck with the sale fella.
  17. Rick

    Silver Glanza in Center Parcs Nottingham

    I spotted a really nice silver Glanza in the car park at Center Parcs today. It had black wheels and had a TD04L sticker on the passenger side rear wing. Anybody off here?
  18. Rick

    whute smoke on idle new turbo

    Possibly valve stem seals.
  19. Rick

    whute smoke on idle new turbo

    Change your pcv valve going from the rocker cover to the inlet manifold.
  20. Rick

    white smoke when i'm done driving

    For info on the pcv valve just go to Toyota and tell them that you want a new pcv valve and the rubber grommit that fits into the rocker cover. When I did mine about 6 years ago it was about £20 for both bits. Then it was a 20 minute job to fit as the existing grommit shattered so I had to get...