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    ep82 emanage blue harness

    I bought an emb with an ep91 field harness if anyone has an ep82 field harness theyd wanna swap for? Or the injector/ignition harnesses? Thanks
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    td04 downpipe wanted asap

    preferably looking a screamer pipe but a decat will do fine. pm me with what you have. thanks,ryan
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    c56/glanza gearbox

    Hi guys im after a c56 gearbox in good working condition? Non lsd type please..
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    glanza c56 gearbox

    Looking for a c56 gearbox from an ep91 with no synchro problems or damage.. Cash waiting for the right one.
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    idles fine until engine is warm, then drops down to 600rpm

    Holds a strong idle all the way until the engine is hot, and the whole drive, everytime I take it out of gear the revs drop way down and hit 6-700rpm. Three times its conked out. Anyone experienced this before?
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    lots of smoke from breather/cyl4 down to 80psi

    Smoke started pouring out of the breather filter a few weeks back so we got the engine stripped at the weekend, left a bit confused as the cylinders are fine and the pistons have no play in them! Someone from ECC said they're 99% its a burnt out valve although a leakdown test didn't show any...
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    need stock ep82 pistons + rods ??

    As title says, need stock pistons and rods from a GT Turbo for a rebuild. Anyone went forged and have any lying about? Cash waiting can pay for them asap.. Thanks
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    ngk or magnecor leads?

    has anyone got any for sale? dont have to be brand new, just good condition! not worried about colour but preferably blue in colour but not fussy thanks,ryan
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    hi/lo boost bypassed, only getting 6 PSI ????

    I had the hi/lo boost bypassed 2 or 3 weeks ago but only fitted my boost gauge during the week, managed a maximum of 6 PSI through all gears! Thats more like lo boost to me as hi its supposed to be at least 9/10 PSI stock.. the only mods are a decat pipe fitted an rx7 intercooler. Ive...
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    adjustable actuator..hks/jam etc?

    anyone got one to fit a ct9?
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    MOT/VOSA problem..

    My Starlet was only imported from England to Ireland in August of this year, i bought it off the guy not long after because the turbo needed replaced and the car came with a VOSA pass certificate. Anyway problem is i've lost the Vosa certificate which i need to tax the car which is due at...
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    kmh/mph convertor?

    anyone have the kmh/mph speedo convertor for ep82?
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    staying in low boost?

    alrite lads i need a bita help here, jus got my ep82 back from havin the turbo replacd with a very good standard ct9 bought from DancerEp82(thanks). i dont have an aftermarket boost gauge fitted at the minute (will be getting one soon)... so if i go by the stock one on the dash whenever i put...
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    SLD and FCD ?

    speed limit defenccer and fuel cut defender ..anyone have for sale?
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    CT9 Vac Lines

    Lads need help putting my CT9 back on..firstly ive a vac hose runnning from my hi/lo boost control that splits into two hoses towards the end, what im looking to know is do both of these vac lines then go onto both prongs of the actuator? or does only one get covered? or does one go to a...
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    adding dumpvalve and a boost gauge

    ive one other question also guys, i had to remove the feed from the vac pipe to boost gauge becos the car was not connected to the vsv properly through the tee. at the min i only have the dumpvalve in the 2nd port of the tee, with the vac pipe connected to port1 & 3 of the tee, (if u still...
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    ct9 water feed hose

    does anyone know the dimension of the water in/out pipe or for the hoses that connects them to the block? thanks,ryan
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    manifold to turbo nuts?

    anyone got the mani to turbo nuts lying around? looking 4 of them & ile cover costs an extra!
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    lambda sensor ?

    of the two sensors plugged into the standard cat on an ep82 turbo, one single wire on the top and a double wire on the bottom which plugs into a plastic connector... which is the actual lambda? the top sensor wit single wire came out when i was pullin hoses of an as such i dont remember...
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    air filter relocation

    was thinkin of movin the air filter to the grill but was wonmderin what use it wud be if it got soaked in the rain? or when i washed it wit a hose? is it worth doing cos lets face it its wet 99% f th time?