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  1. Rick

    EP82 and EP91 Rear Bumpers Wanted

    Hi guys, I'm after an EP82 and an EP91 rear bumper. I don't need the entire bumpers, just the exhaust bit and around 6" either side if somebody fancies cutting them up for me as I want them posting. Thanks in advance guys. Rick
  2. Rick

    Bonnet wanted either EP82 or EP91

    Hi guys, I'm after a bonnet for either an EP82 or EP91 in the Hampshire area. I couldn't care less about the condition as long as it's straight and complete. I need it delivering to an address in Southampton though, hence me asking for one in Hampshire. Ideally I'm wanting one as cheap...
  3. Rick

    EP82 Sill Kick Plates

    Hi guys, I'm after a set of EP82 sill kick plates. Let me know what you have guys. Cheers Rick
  4. Rick

    Genuine Toms spats for both EP82 and EP91

    Hi guys, I'm after some genuine Toms spats for both EP82 and EP91. Condition is unimportant to me but perfect fitment is. The cheaper the better. Cheers Rick
  5. Rick

    Zombie Battle For 2 In Abandoned Manor House

    For Sale: Zombie battle for 2 in an abandoned manor house experience. Item Condition: Brand new Extra info: Hi guys, this was bought for my brother in law for his birthday but I don't think he is too keen on it and would prefer something else. Therefore this is up for sale. The...
  6. Rick

    Silver Glanza in Center Parcs Nottingham

    I spotted a really nice silver Glanza in the car park at Center Parcs today. It had black wheels and had a TD04L sticker on the passenger side rear wing. Anybody off here?
  7. Rick

    Spotted in Barnsley, silver m reg gt

    I spotted a totally standard looking m reg gt in silver yesterday. It even had wheel trims on. It followed me down Huddersfield road yesterday at about 14:00 when I was in my Renault scenic of power. Anybody from here?
  8. Rick

    My Evo 5 With A Proven 353.5 Bhp, Thousands spent on it

    Unfortunately the time has come to sell my pride and joy. My circumstances have changed quite dramatically recently and I am now a full time dad. The Evo is my everyday car and isn't really the best thing to use as an everyday fulltime dad bus. There are 2 main reasons for reaching this...
  9. Rick

    Well the search continues.

    Well my seemingly never ending search for the perfect BOV still continues LOL!!! I've had a Greddy Type S on the Evo for a couple of weeks now and I still can't get the adjustment right. I either get it dumping nicely but get stalling issues or no stalling issues but not dumping right...
  10. Rick

    Finally got the Evo fixed today...AWESOME!!!

    Well after breaking the Evo about 6 weeks ago I finally got it fixed today. God I've missed driving her :drive: I've been driving the 306 TD for the last 6 weeks and it feels so good to get 350bhp under my right foot again. I've fitted my Greddy Type S tonight to test it out. I think it...
  11. Rick

    Bargain TE37's spotted on ebay

    Hi guys, I just spotted these in ebay. I know they are 14" but they would be great for the drag strip...
  12. Rick

    Spotted: In Penistone, a black Glanza V with red lipped 3 spoke Advans

    I spotted a very nice Glanza V in Penistone tonight about 21:30. It's the second time I've seen it. I take it that it is somebody from here as it did have a TGGT sticker on the passenger side rear window. I did see you but I was in a real hurry and couldn't stop to say hello. You probably...
  13. Rick

    Our son was born yesterday

    Hi guys, for anybody who knows us, our baby was born last night. Charlie was born at 23:59 weighing 7lb 15oz. Mum and baby are doing well. I'm so tired now though LOL!!!!!!
  14. Rick

    Bargain Blitz K3 and external wastegate spotted on ebay

    I saw this and though that some of you guys might like the look of it...
  15. Rick

    Black Glanza/SR wombwell bypass tonight

    I spotted a black Glanza/SR tonight on the dual carriageway between Jump and Wombwell tonight. I was in the Evo and gave you a wave. Anybody from here?
  16. Rick

    Finally got my Evo on the rolling road today.

    After owning my Evo for almost a year, I finally managed to get it on the dyno today at an MLR event. Here is what she made: BHP ATW - 268.9 bhp BHP ATF - 353.9 bhp Torque ATW - 270 iftlb Torque ATF - 340 iftlb I must say I'm well pleased with the results.:rockon:
  17. Rick

    Very rare ARC BOV (Dump Valve)

    For sale: ARC BOV Item Condition: Used but good (See photos) Price and price conditions: Reduced, the first £75 delivered gets this now guys. Extra Info: On the whole this BOV is in very good working condition apart from the adjuster at the top which is a little worn and the thread just...
  18. Rick

    Hks Ssqv dump valve

    Hi guys, I've got a HKS SSQV for sale. For sale: HKS SSQV Item Condition: Used but good. Price and price conditions: £115 delivered plus 4% Paypal if you prefer to pay that way. Extra Info: I've not seen one of these come up for a while so I'm not expecting it to hang around for very...
  19. Rick

    RARE Greddy Type S BOV

    Hi guys, I have a Greddy Type S BOV for sale. This BOV is very rare and VERY sought after. For sale: Greddy Type S BOV Item Condition: Used but good (See photos) Price and price conditions: £135 delivered plus 4% Paypal if you prefer to pay that way. Extra Info: On the whole this is...
  20. Rick

    Blitz Dual Drive BOV (New type)

    For sale: Blitz Dual Drive Supersound BOV (New Type) Item Condition: Pretty Good. The odd mark and a bit off corrosion but nothing too bad. (See the photos) Price and price conditions: £105 delivered plus 4% Paypal if you prefer to pay that way. Extra Info: Comes with a hard pipe. As...