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    jobs what does everyone do??

    I work in a print company, ive run 4/5 color machine's (old fashion ink on mesh method) . and loads of digital machines, printing giant posters, banners, standee's, car/ bus vynl's, cardboard units for shops, etc. i currently run the latest kongsberg which i think, is a pretty cool machine...
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    Whats Your Mod/Spec List?

    TDO4 turbo and adjustable actuator wepr manifold 330 cc injectors e-manage ecu boost guage turbo tumer electronic boost controller front mounted intercooler apexi cat back exhaust (i think!) uprated radiator and fuel pump lsd gearbox fidanza flywheel racing clutch of somesort...
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    how much wud it be from toyota

    no idea pal, i get all my new bodyparts in 'somora' (i think thats how you spell it!) they're in clondalkin dublin,. or donedeal has alot of starlet part sellers,, sorry i cant be more helpfull dude,
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    Need help please!

    Firstly, thanks lads. i hope you's are right because i really really do not want to be forced into having to get rid of these wheels. I travelled for age's to get them and gave the guy a good deal just for extra karma!. And yep i did ask for the sticker details but was told that it was written...
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    Need help please!

    That's what i was thinking, but apparently the wheels are rubbing on all side's!! , i'll probably have to get the car back and check it myself as im totally confused as to how this could happen. anyhoo, thank's for the reply's guy's, really appreciated.
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    Need help please!

    Hi dude's, my car (94 starlet gt) currently isnt in the same county as me because it's getting work done on it, but i eventually got the detail's i think!........the tyre's are 195/50/r15 and the actual wheel's are 15 x 7 , pcd 100. and the measurement from the inside of where the wheel meet's...
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    What wheels you recommend

    I personally like ray's TE37's in white if pos,
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    Need help please!

    I have been told by a dude who's finally fixing my car that my awesome te37's (alloy's) i bought are a tiny bit too wide,. I cant understand this as i bought them from a guy who had a 95 corolla sport and he never had any problem's of this kind what so ever,. sp here i am!, any advice or info...
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    general inspiration links? i'll leave this here :)
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    Please! Drop me your knowledge!

    cheers pal, will do :)
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    Please! Drop me your knowledge!

    thanks dudes, i really really appreciate your advice, ive spent loads on the car since i bought it and this one just has me totally stumped and thinking of getting rid of it :( , i dont know who jay is either :( any help there would rock!!,anyways, to the best of my knowledge the gearbox and lsd...
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    Please! Drop me your knowledge!

    HI! my name is corey, i own a 94 starlet gt, non quadlight model....anyhoo,i bought an lsd gearbox and when i went to fit it i reaslised my leftsided (passenger side) driveshaft would not fit because apparently my lsd is external and not built in like the newer models, doh!, so i went and found...
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    Please help :(

    hi people, im looking for a back engine mount from toyota starlet gt advance...the problem is, its from the lsd model and its really turning out to be a nightmare to find :( any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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    thats quality, cheerz man, are ya back workin yet??
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    how would i contact ecc?? would it take much work to fit the calipers?? and i'll mailya my nmbr if your up in dublin anytime and the car gets done i'll givya a spin in it 4sure dude,
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    cheerz lads,ha ha! strangely he's a hard lad to get in contact with through this website,,and i lost my last phone which had his number you gave me :( and your number!!...i know!! i suk! anyhoo, i had everything ready to be put on and it started snowing all through christmas, so now is the only...
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    i own a 94starlet gt with a tdo4 etc currently on low boost and standard ecu,,,,i hav an e manage ecu,and brand new 330cc injectors waiting to go in and was wonderin where i could go to get these fitted and mapped??? i live in dublin but would be willing to travel,, thankyou very much for any...
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    car story

    firstly,the ex pics are out of the question!!,,since then i bought a td04 starlet which ive already put nearly 4grand into,, (a clifford alarm most importantly!)...and for anyone who expected somesort of reward for reading this,, sorry! there isnt really a point, i was baked when i wrote it!!
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    any buzzy quotes, worth sharing?

    bill hicks: .I think it's interesting the two drugs that are legal - alcohol and cigarettes,. two drugs that do absolutely nothing for you at all - are legal, and the drugs that might open your mind up to realise how you're being fukd every day of your life? Those drugs are against the law...