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    Parts for sale

    Apexi Power Fc with commander and 3 bar map sensor 500€
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    power fc ep91 loom and 3 bar map sensor

    Well as stated i need a power fc EP91 loom and a 3 bar map sensor. Or if anyone knows a place i can order one or both. i got a EP82 loom, so if anyone knows how to modify it so it fits EP91 would be good enough also. Thx
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    lovely chevy!

    gotta love the effort that has been put into this :) chevy
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    Lucky guy

    This guy has a lot of luck in 1 day :) dno if it a repost tho
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    Another bored thread...

    Well have to add that i was inspired by this thread go to and enter your postcount in the search are to see wich vid is at the top of the found videos mine
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    Want to be unique

    Well i checked youtube and could not find a film featuring this bov only a bit expensive to my taste :)
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    EP91 Power fc harness

    Looking for a power fc harness that fits ep91 (3plug type) Also if anyone knows a place where i can find want, just lemme know. Thx
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    Anyone else facing this prob?

    Was doing the calculating of the total damage my ep91 project would do to my wallet and started counting everything i wanted. When i was 3/4 of what i want to have/do with my car i allready needed a budget of 17.000£. This kinda made me laugh, cuz it was unpleasantly ironic and i realised i...
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    td04 hybrid or GT25R?

    Just want some opinions on this one, i'd like to achieve 300bhp and i know this is possible witht he td04 hybrid and i still would have enough response. But i was wondering what the GT25R is like when you compare the 2 turbo's. I'd think it also spools up rather quickly(going for a 5e) but...
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    skyline turbo on starlet?

    Hi, Don't know what the letter code is for the standard turbo of a r33 skyline gtst (like "ct9" for the starlets) but i was wondering if it would be any good on a starlet? Wanted to go for a TD04 set-up, but a mate f mine has a spare skyline turbo laying around. I'm guessing it will be...
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    need help identifying suspension

    Hi, I just got my EP91 today, was nice to see her in the flehs for the first time. But i didn't really recognise the suspension under it. I could tell they were TRD's, they have a white color and are only adjustable in stiffness, not in height or anything else, are these the stocks on a...
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    Wich wheels are these

    Anyone that can tell me wich wheels this glanza has?
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    New starlet freak in the making

    Hi everyone, I'm from belgium and atm i am waiting on my EP91 to arrive from Japan. I know it will be here and ready to drive in 8 weeks, but then i have to wait (3 months!) for some idiotic papers before i legally can drive it. But that is some stuff i will survive :) I got some picture...