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    Oldie member coming back

    welcome back sir!and i hope to a full recovery from your health adventure. i don't know if we met on another toyota forum in the past since i've been on many with mostly people located at the states...
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    Win - T-Shirt and Stickers - Win

    i want a clear belt cover like yours... :-(
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    Ct12 as an upgrade of the CT9

    i've had a ct12 on my 4e before going full forged/ gtx 2867 gen2 etc...the only difference i had compared to the ct9 was that it held boost a bit better on high rpms(didn't loose so much boost compared to the ct9)other than that only minor hp gain(it was 5 or 8 don't remember exactly...)
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    Win - T-Shirt and Stickers - Win

    here's my filthy engine bay
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    4efte standard timing

    true! i was checking this with my buddy/tuner/mechanic! ;)
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    Covid 19

    Sorry for your loss Calum
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    Covid 19

    Good afternoon everyone!I hope that you and your loved ones are all in good health first of all.Well since i haven't seen any posts on yhis subject i thought it would be a good idea since this is the global issue to post so we can see what are the measures that goverments took where we are...
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    4efte standard timing

    thank you very much!it helps a lot seeing a standard timing chart for this engine for once!!! ;)
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    Not a Newbie but an Oldie that thought this had died!

    i know!found some good info in here!and i hope i can help others with what i know of myself!
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    4efte standard timing

    if you could i'd be much obliged.and thank you in advance !
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    Not a Newbie but an Oldie that thought this had died!

    well welcome back from a relatively new guy in this forum
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    4efte standard timing

    guys sorry for bringing up an old tread...i got a question about advance.i know that to set everything right you need 10 degrees advance but does anyone have the advance chart at higher rpm and until the rev limiter?i mean what advance is at lets say 3k rpm etc...i want to check something and i...
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    Merry Xmas TGTT

    Happy New Year!road my bicycle a bit also!but not a mountain bike ;)
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    Forged Piston Skirt Cracked

    from what i can see in the pics rods are scat and as for pistons i see on all of them scratches down the skirts...maybe bore left pistons play too much ending in that?measure your block and then each and every piston top and bottom to see if you got any difference.don't be surpriced if you find...
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    GT Turbo cylinder head

    thats the port leading coolant to the throttle body.later models don't have this port since they realized it doesn't help at anything(plus they went to coil packs on later 4efe engines and threw away the distributor)
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    Auto to manual I have 2 complete cars

    just a heads up,since many auto paseos in us were converted to turbo manuals,you have to ground the wire that signals the ecu that the gearbox is on park so that it lets you move and not turn you to limp mode.but if you do a complete transfer (engine trans ecu wiring harness)you'll have no issues.
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    Question about towing

    towing it on drive has been done many many times with heavier vehicles.just keep it on steady revs so it doesn't shift up and down all the time.find a speed that suits the cargo not your go fast needs
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    Uber-Sticky: What tyres do you use/recommend?

    what he said!some info on those please?
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    Any info on this clutch?

    i want something to work from the start....can't afford lifting a 5000+pounds corolla on lifts or stands to get transmission on and off...