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    WEPR TD04 Hybrid Turbo Kit, Break Calipers, ARP, FMIC...

    Hey guys I must sold my things for build up my project GT. Item For Sale: TD04 Hybrid Turbo Kit external W.gate From WEPR in 321 steel Item Conditions & Description: Brand NEW 0 Miles only outboxing for the Pictures now. Never bolt it on. External Wastegate with Screamer and Tial Wastegate...
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    EP82 Wiring Loom

    Hey there i'm searching for a wiring loom from the Starlet EP82 GT the complete one under the dash and out of the engine room incl. fuse box. Please send a price with delivery to germany and paypal fees.
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    4EFTE Throttle and Standard speedo

    Hi guys I'm still looking for a throttle and the standard speedometer. Please this time the price already including shipping costs and paypal fees. Throttle must be with the TPS sensor. Thx!
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    4EFTE Throttle Body and Clocks for EP82

    Hey guys i'm looking for some throttle bodies for the 4efte and clocks for the ep82 only for the manual gearbox. Prices please with shipping coists to germany and fees for paypal. Greets and thx alex
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    Damaged TD04L, 4EFTE Crank, Inlet Manifold

    Hi i'm from Germany. I searching for a TD04L either a complete "damaged" or the middle part of the Turbo. A 4EFTE crank in good condition and an inlet manifold. Award region to 100€ incl. delivery to Germany. Thx Alex
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    TD04L on 4EFTE must be rotaded? And other questions...

    Hi my name is alex. I'm from Germany and i have any questions about the 4EFTE. I'm build at my forged 4EFTE. I want fit a TD04L on it, 8.2 compression ross/wiseco pistons in 74.5mm, ported head, 1.2/1.4mm head gasket. Fuel pressure, EMU, Wideband sensor. My questions are: Must be the TD04L...
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    Hello from Germany

    My name is Alex I am from Germany. I'm Automotive Mechatronics at VW. My dream was to always go once a starlet with a turbo engine. Just yesterday I got myself a new P8 1995 model purchased with 75HP. I will rebuild this now. The biggest problem we have the electrics. Here in Germany there...