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    Drivers side drive shaft

    Need a drive shaft dublin area asap 0857563698
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    glanza v front bumper and bonnet

    Ill swap my turbo bonnet for a non turbo one
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    EP 82 seats for ep91

    \i have a set of ep b2 gtt seats and I want standard ep 91 seats for my glanza ??? 0857563698
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    driver shaft

    Alri Get a drive shaft the inner joint is wrecked I had this on loads a cars they get wrecked from spinning the wheels ! I work in toyota
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    White Smoke....???

    CPu ld be burning oil valve stem oil seals or rings back preuusre is present
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    White Smoke....???

    Think this should clear all exhaust problems up bit long winded but you get my DRIFT In this post carb also includes throttle body ie were the air goes in ha ha Gray or blue smoke from the exhaust. You notice gray smoke coming from the exhaust when you start your car. The smoke may or may...
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    Front mount ep91 nedded urgent Dublin

    Need a front mount urgent ciaran 0857563698