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    Pistons + rods

    I have 74,5mm pistons from ross and scat rods. If you are interested.
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    WEPR TD04 Hybrid Turbo Kit, Break Calipers, ARP, FMIC...

    BUMP - Package price for one week Turbo KIT and FMIC for 1300 pounds incl.!!!
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    Hey mate have you receive my message?

    Hey mate have you receive my message?
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    WEPR TD04 Hybrid Turbo Kit, Break Calipers, ARP, FMIC...

    The engine mounts now available again. Come on guys prices are negotiable!!!
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    WEPR TD04 Hybrid Turbo Kit, Break Calipers, ARP, FMIC...

    The Engine Mounts are reserved.
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    WEPR TD04 Hybrid Turbo Kit, Break Calipers, ARP, FMIC...

    Hey guys I must sold my things for build up my project GT. Item For Sale: TD04 Hybrid Turbo Kit external W.gate From WEPR in 321 steel Item Conditions & Description: Brand NEW 0 Miles only outboxing for the Pictures now. Never bolt it on. External Wastegate with Screamer and Tial Wastegate...
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    Compression results

    You can do a drop pressure test. There is instrument that give pressure on the cylinder over spark plug hole. Than can you hear where the air comes out. Out of the oil cap or throttle body, exhaust and so on. When the pistons have damaged then the must come out of the oil cap. Then can the air...
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    T25g smoking

    Maybe the Shaft sells are broken. And now they leak into the turbine house. Maybe your Valve shaft seals are not the best. Oil comes through the exhaust mani into the turbo and smokes. greets alex
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    turbo upgrade (pics added)

    Hey mate when you search for a TD04 Kit you can send me a PM and I give you more Infos. I had a new one to sale! Greets Alex
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    Compression results

    The rings and there bases can broke by too much heat. This heat came from the manifold. The exhaust gas dam in the outlet of the 3 cylinder in the manifold and overheating.
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    Externally Gated TD04 Kit

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    Starlet gt turbo engine wanted

    You have PM
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    wanted td04 kit

    You have PM
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    td04 turbo upgrade

    Hey mate. You must forge your engine. The standard internals hold to 200hp.
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    ct9 manifold and decat wanted! other parts

    I have a new one manifold and downpipe from cps speedvision. If you interested send a pm
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    EP82 Wiring Loom

    Hey there i'm searching for a wiring loom from the Starlet EP82 GT the complete one under the dash and out of the engine room incl. fuse box. Please send a price with delivery to germany and paypal fees.
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    4E-FTE Engine & Gearbox, Wiring Loom, Auxiliaries etc

    Hi is the loom still available? and is from the gt or glanza?? PM me