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    Just A Quick Heads Up On A Advert Me Mates Old Subaru

    This is my buddys old Subaru which he sold last week (and is a member on here) It is an awesome car and can vouch for it 100% as can many members of west mids imprezas who have seen this car many many times, but the seller is telling a few porkys...
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    My Current Daily

    Havent posted in a while this is my current daily nothing special 306 hdi, fully smoothed, lowered etc
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    Sh!t the bed!!!! Off its tits:eek:
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    Real Or Fake? If it isnt thats bloody cheap
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    A Team

    Off to see it tonight any been yet?
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    Once Again Freebie Time! FAO Blackberry Bold 9700 Ed Hardy Case

    I have a spare one of these Ed Hardy style case whoever wants it pm me your address and its yours:D
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    Later Shape MR2

    Me mrs wants one for her first car and you can get them for a good price. Anything to look out for? Any input would be greatly appreciated Cheers Matt:)
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    My Old Glanzas Up For Sale

    I want!!!!!:( But the kids dreaming on the price
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    Happy Birthday Corey

    Many happy returns fella, hope you have a goodun! :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
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    Honda Civic Ep3 Type R 70k Full History

    For sale:Honda Civic Ep3 Type R 70k Full History Item Condition: Used but Good Price and price conditions: £4,800 ono Extra Info: I've only had the car for just over a month but its not for me and i want to do my bike license so im selling up and getting a cheap run around. The car is in very...
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    admiral now insure glanzas and glanza s

    As above just noticed this whilst online just to give you guys a heads up:)
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    I want another starlet!!!!!

    Well ive only had the Honda 5 days and its not for me, already missing the boost. Dont get me wrong the Civic is a really nice all round car and the handling is fantastic but i dunno just dont float me boat, am i not giving the Civic a chance? Bit of a daft question i know beens im gonna get...
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    One Last Shoot Before She Goes With Me Mates Version6 Type R

    Well my car could be going to a new home on Saturday and im absolutely gutted to say the least, but need must. So me and Steve popped out for a lil photoshoot. Got some cracking snaps but make me wanna cry:(:(:( My personal fave
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    Time to say goodbye to the Subaru

    I've put a for sale thread together and ive had to make the hardest decision i have ever had to make, but its time to sell the Subaru cant believe its going but needs must. I wanna move out and free some debt you all know how it is. I will cry when this car goes, put a deposit on my new car so...
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    Subaru Impreza Version 5 Sti 555Ltd 112/1000

    M98 Subaru Impreza Version 5 Sti 555Ltd 112/1000 For sale:MY98 Subaru Impreza Version 5 Sti 555Ltd 304bhp Item Condition: Used but excellent Price and price conditions: £5995 ono Extra Info: Unfortunately its time to sell my beloved Subaru i love this car to pieces as you all know and...
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    Had The Subaru Dynoed On Saturday

    Had a few days off done a few bits n bobs on her then went to Scoobyworld (aka Monstormotorsport) When i first had the car in was dynoed at 272.2bhp Now she's 304.3bhp with 282lbs of torque im over the moon and ive got boost to play with on the VF28 if i get it mapped i'll be looking...
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    Another Weekend Of Detailing

    Well my detailing obsession is getting gradually worse i've detailed 3 cars this weekend mine...........again, my buddies which i havent got pics of and me dads VW. With all 3 cars: Snow Foamed Rim Wash Full Car Wash (with meguiars wash mits and gold class wash) Dried (again megs watcher...
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    Magazine Shoot Yesterday Evening

    Fuck me was boring as hell moving cars around and making sure there all in line the photographer was awesome tbf and the results are amazing! The ones with all the flaps;) Arty farty ones And my personal fave:p
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    Freebie Times Back! Abit of Carbon This Time

    Got 2 carbon panels that i dont wont they're 15.2x11.5cm ideal for some interior customisation ie mounted a boost controller, e manage etc Please only ask for them if your going to use um, just give me a lil donation to me paypal and i'll pop it in the charity box at this sundays west mids...
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    Major Changes To The Subaru

    Started of like this To This And Now after 5 hours of claying and alot of new parts fitted ta daaaaaa!!!!!! Tesco's had these on offer so couldnt resist:p