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    trd hellical lsd with gearbox

    For sale:trd hellical lsd with starlet gearbox Item Condition:used but works perfectly with no cruncheing or jumping out of gears Price and price conditions:£450 Extra Info:made a massive improvement when fitted to my car(even though i was running just short of a bar of boost),also very...
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    forged 5efte engine

    For sale:krissy bs forged 5efte Item Condition:i have only covered about a 6-700 miles,but i will have to ask krissy what he had covered as i cant remember,but it wasnt a lot Price and price conditions:£1850 Extra Info:this is an awesome engine,which has been well looked after(i have...
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    Td05 turbo wanted

    As per title,must be in good condition and front entry
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    wanted clutch fork

    hi guys im in desparate need of a clutch fork,as i have just snapped mine(dont ask lol)
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    Complete hydralic clutch setup

    Ok guys,after an almost disaster of a day mapping.I'm in desparate need of a full glanza/starlet hydraulic clutch setup,clutch pedal,slave cylinder,master cylinder,resivoure etc( the full shabang please) it's seems that my cable operated clutch can't cope with the beefy act clutch really...
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    gearbox mount bolt???

    really need some help guys,i seem to be missing a gearbox mount bolt:mad: its one of the two that bolt the bracket to the front of the gearbox.does anyone have a spare one lyeing around or even know the size steve
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    my 5 gt turbo (5efte)

    thought i would share a few pics of my 5 turbo,its also nearly ready to have the map tweaked and the boost upped hope you enjoy:)
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    tuning devolopments ?????

    does anyone have a contact number for tuning devolpments? as i ordered a tdo4 gasket set on 24/02/2011 and nothing has turned up:mad:i have e-mailed him 3-4 times and there has been no reply i am really desparate for these parts and needed the car running last wkend:mad::mad:
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    act paddle clutch probs

    ok guys i really need some help,i have an act paddle clutch and i am wanting to know is the release bearing a standard item,or a specific bearing for the act clutch??? the only reason i ask is i have just fitted a engine with a secondhand clutch,connected the gear cables and clutch...
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    tdo5 wrx import

    can someone tell me what size td05 came on a wrx import(not front entry) and what power it capable of and what max boost it can run?? thanks
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    pwr chargecooler

    For sale:pwr chargecooler 4x10 Item Condition:used but as new Price and price conditions:£180 Extra info:if your struggleing to get charge temps down then this is for you,my dad runs one on his r5 t2 and at 22psi @wot the temps never go above 33degrees.they also have advantages over an...
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    6 puk paddle clutch

    For sale:spec 6 puk paddle clutch Item Condition:used but done no more than a 1000miles Price and price conditions:£200 Extra Info:im led to believe this clutch can handle 300bhp,it has done no more than a 1000miles,the only reason im selling is because i now have a 5e with a clutch...
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    5e turbo question

    Ok guys,here's my problem,I recently purchased krissyb 5e engine for my r5:-) my current turbo set up is wepr hybrid tdo4 kit.but from what I gather this will max out at 270 I'm after a new turbo that will let me get to 330-350bhp but I don't want a lag monster any ideas on what...
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    billet turbo

    anyone had any experiance with these???im cosidering getting one to replace the tdo4 hybrid the one im interested in is the sc36\16g apparently theres good gains to be had,faster spool,more power:cool:
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    Tdo4 hybrid

    Ok guys,I'm in need of your help I'm tempted to sell my wepr tdo4 hybrid turbo but haven't a clue what it's's perfect condition with no shaft play apart from 1mm side to side which is normal,I have only ran it at 1.1 bar max and it's got a polished compressor housing what's it worth...
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    wanted forged 4efte/5efte

    after been messed about buy a certain now on the look out for a forged engine (4efte/5efte) willing to travel for the right engine
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    Thread size Help please

    Can anyone help with the thread size of the sender in the pic? I think its a taper thread. THANKS
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    Oil pressure sensor

    Can some one please tell me thread size for the oil pressure sensor as I'm after an adaptor so I can fit the one from the 5gt engine
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    my 4efte r5 lives

    at long last it runs,it only has a base map at the mo so i cant give it a heavey right foot yet,im suprised how nice the exhaust note is with the side exit on anyway heres a little vid
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    ignition map

    hope someone can help,im running a standalone ecu(adaptronic),and im in need of an ignition base map for an engine on standard internals,ive seen some base maps before on here but cant find them anywhere:(