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  1. akyakapotter

    Ep91 Livesports Style Sideskirts

    Sold For sale: livesports style side skirts Item Condition: brand new packaged up ready to go Price and price conditions: £120 + pp fees £190.98 usually grab a bargain Extra Info: have white gel coat ready for prep & painting Pictures: Contact Details: pm...
  2. akyakapotter

    Oil pressure gauge help

    Hey all I'm thinking of getting an oil pressure gauge and having the sensor in line with the standard one. I'm thinking of getting a t-piece to fit it with the standard pressure sensor. what I want to no is can I get a bit of braided hose and attach that to the t-piece then the sensor to the end...
  3. akyakapotter

    Warning to all people looking at starlets

    Check out this thread from uksc
  4. akyakapotter

    Jam FCC setup / adjustment help

    Hi all dose anybody no how to properly set these up / ajust. I know there a clamp type fuel cut controller so need to no when to clam the signal. Im still struggling to get my AFR''S to where I want them I've replaced fuel pump fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter. So must be down to this dam...
  5. akyakapotter

    what rrfpr to get

    ok so my current one is giving up i wanna replace it with something decent ive found a fse sytec one for £110 to my door what are these like cheers nick
  6. akyakapotter


    Ok so I've been having a play with my AFR's have a wide band and rrfpr so it's all good I can see what's going on my question is i cant get it anywhere near 10's on boost all I seem to be getting is some where in the 12's it's curently sent at about 3.5bar of pressure on the rrfpr cheers nick
  7. akyakapotter

    Bogging down / holding back on full throttle

    As above was having a bit of a spirited drive to work this morning. (EVO in front of me's fault) Noticed on half throttle it would fly along but as soon as I put my toe right to the floor it was bogging down / holding back any ideas on this ?? Thanks nick
  8. akyakapotter

    TD04 hot pipe

    as above guys have any of you lovely people got any pics of how you have it set up. I have a toyosports fmic also what size pipe id need if i need to get any cheers nick. :thumbsup:
  9. akyakapotter

    Thermostat to turbo water pipe size

    Hi all I’m having my TD04 water pipes made up by a friend. What I need to know is what size do the pipes need to be from the thermostat housing to the turbo. Id like to know the inner diameter please thanks in advance nick.
  10. akyakapotter

    Hks evc 4

    ok guys i just installed one on my glanza. I have a jam actuator ive set the boost to 1bar high and 0.8 low but it seams im boosting 1bar no matter what. Is this because of my actuator ?? cheers guys nick.
  11. akyakapotter

    Oem lamba sensor

    Hi guys I Need a 2nd one for my decat. the other one is cross threaded in the cat cheers nick
  12. akyakapotter

    release bearing problem ?

    Hello everyone just dropped the miss’s home. When I started the car sounded like the something was knocking when I put the clutch pedal down it stopped. Am I right in thinking this is the release bearing on its way out?? If it is that I may as well replace clutch and the crank shaft oil seal as...
  13. akyakapotter

    what do i need for emanage blue install

    ok so im going TD04 in the near future doing a bit of research into piggy back ecus im looking at the emange blue what do i need to have this on the car is it a cause of getting a field harness and map sensor and getting it mapped im new to the piggy back side of things currently rocking fcc and...
  14. akyakapotter

    replaced plugs today

    comments on my old one i just took out cheers nick
  15. akyakapotter

    Ct9 turbo flang studs and nuts

    Ct9 intercooler side turbo studs where can I get longer ones from as there isn't much to keep it on and mine have decied to shear the thread off now have boost leak :-( cheers guys *
  16. akyakapotter

    Turbo water lines

    Hello guys just a quick one have used the search but cant find what im after what size lines do I need my mate has asked me for the inside diameter for the pipe off the thermostat housing any one no thanks in advance nick
  17. akyakapotter

    TD04 oil and water lines

    Hi guys hope you can help I'm looking at getting them made up can some one who already has them measure the length of the oil line and water lines so I no how much pipe I need I also need to no the size of the banjo bolt thread size on the filter housing and the thread size of the oil feed into...
  18. akyakapotter

    need some new tyres opions please

    hi guys i need some new tyres didnt realise how low they have got what are a good set of tyres as i want someting that will atach grip and not just spin up with a bit of spirited driving thanks in advance nick
  19. akyakapotter

    windscreen wiper arms

    hi guys i dunno where this should go so ill put it here my windscreen wiper arms have started making a really bad squeeking noise like the rubber or what ever is attached underneith the skuttle pannel has gone dryed out what i want to no is how do i take the arms out underneith not the ones that...
  20. akyakapotter

    glanza indicator

    hi guys dose anybody have the part number for the indictor unit not the lens ive tried to glue it back together but its not working thanks in advance nick