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  1. HENRY 8TH

    Re-Circ bung?!

    Has anyone got any info where I can get a bung and what size to cover where the recirc valve sits on top of the solid air intake pipe? I've got a bov and going to buy a breather for the rocker cover...Are there any pros/cons to be aware of with removing it. Thanks
  2. HENRY 8TH

    Brake splash plates.

    Does anyone know if you can fit glanza splash plates to an ep82? Mine are falling apart but I can't seem to find any from Toyota for the back. (Front are on order)
  3. HENRY 8TH

    Oil catch can

    Can anyone recommended a oil catch can and hose set up please?
  4. HENRY 8TH

    Morning all. I'm a returning noobie

    Hi all. I joined this site years ago and never really used it. However in lock down I'm really digging into getting my nearly standard ep82 gt back to what it should be like... I'm on the hunt for info on the disk splash plates mine are terrible and breaking away. Where woul I post such a thread...
  5. HENRY 8TH

    NEW TO SITE could use some help from people in the know about the ep82

    Hi people glad to be part of this site ive been back and forward over the years but only just joined, had my 91 ep82 for about 9yrs and its never broke down! best 3grand ive spent. so any help is much appreciated.. looking to get a bit more out of it now but i dont want to go mental around...