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    Civic Type R - EK9 facelift - B18C (1998)

    For sale: Civic Type R - EK9 facelift - B18C (1998) Item Condition: Good. Alloys need refurbing. Price and price conditions: £7100 ONO. Will consider P/X. Would like a 2002+ Audi S3 TDI Sport. Though other diesels considered or anything you think would interest me and is cheaper...
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    Sexy diesels?

    Yes..I said it. Diesels..devil piss to car enthusiasts. However, lets say you were leaving the performance car modding game and wanted something comfortable, sexy, cheap to run and diesel what would you go for if you had £5-6,000 to spend?
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    Average speed cameras - What am I missing?

    As some of you may know, there is barrier renewal going on for miles along the M62. So for my whole 20 mile commute from Huddersfield to Leeds the speed limit is set to 50mph. Now I see people whizzing a long at at least 70mph and even saw a motorbike bombing it through them all at about...
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    'toyobaru' revealed

    More pictures in the link
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    My PC spec - Time for an upgrade!?

    Hi guys, Built my PC a few years back now when I had some knowledge on building PC's and the components etc. My knowledge has now dwindled and I know nothing about what is a decent motherboard, processors, graphics card or what is a decent amount of memory! I would say I am willing to...
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    Any experience with S3's?

    Discuss :)
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    Good weather and non salty roads..

    = mint cars.
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    Super Car Day - Which should I drive?

    My Mrs bought me a super car day experience and I can't decide which car to drive! Has to be only one :( Hopefully I can upgrade on the day and drive two ;) I have narrowed it down to: Lamborghini Gallardo Ferrari 360 Nissan R35 GTR One part of my is thinking GTR because I love...
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    Anyone got an engine hoist for sale?

    Needs to be as cheap as possible! Or you can just lend me it for a few days? ;) PM me!
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    More Details on the Upcoming 2012 Toyota/Subaru RWD 086A (AE86) Sports Coupe Revealed

    If this is how it looks, I'm having one!
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    Moving from Japanese cars to more prestige marques?

    Not going to be doing it anytime soon BUT..I turn 26 next month and I keeping eyeing up particular cars such as the BMW M3 E46. You can get hold of them for a pinch under £10,000 with fair few miles on, but the engines should be strong. Within the next 4-5 years me and the Mrs are planning...
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    The Mighty Starlet

    Source - Read the rest of the article HERE
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    Super Mario moves to the darkside

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    Make a movie!

    This site is great, you can make you own movies! Just type away. You can choose your actors, scene, shots etc. Lets see who can make some fun movies!
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    Americans are not stupid
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    Levin AE101 2 POT Brake Conversion Ready To Go

    For sale: AE101 2 POT Brake Conversion Kit Ready To Go* Item Condition: Discs, spacers, pads and pad fitting kit are all brand new. The calipers and carriers are used. Price and price conditions: £400 + delivery Extra Info: Included in the kit is the following: AE101 2 POT...
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    Questions for people that have done engine swaps (legally)

    Hey guys, I'm after some advice from people that have done engine swaps and declared them and done the whole legal thing. I am going from 1600cc (B16B) to 1800cc (B18C) and will be declaring the swap and doing everything legally. My insurance company really don't mind...
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    Full stainless steel exhaust system EP91

    For sale: Full stainless steel exhaust system EP91 Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: £100 PRICE REDUCED Extra Info: Full stainless steel, made by Auofixed who have now ceased trading. This has a TD04L flange on the end, so this would need changing if going to fit with...
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    Walbro 255 Fuel Pump

    For sale: Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: £55 posted. Extra Info: Used for a MAX of 20,000 miles so plenty of life left! You get everything pictures..couldnt be arsed removing it :P Pictures: Contact Details: U2U Location: Huddersfield...
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    Braided Clutch Hose

    For sale: Braided clutch hose (Burwash) Item Condition: New, never used and unopened. Price and price conditions: £20 posted. Extra Info: Stainless steel, plastic coated. Improved clutch feel. Pictures: Contact Details: U2U Location: Huddersfield Delivery & Conditions of...