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  1. Johnoglanza

    Wiring connector part numbers

    I was looking at the online Toyota epc parts catalog and I am unable to find the wiring pins and rubber grommets for connectors and some of the connectors themselves. Is there part numbers available for these items or a website where I can source new versions of these parts? Thanks
  2. Johnoglanza

    Differences between Ep82 and Ep91 wiring looms

    Hi all, I'm looking to renew my wiring loom, it is a 96spec ep91 glanza and I will be relying on the ep82 wiring manual on the forum here, made by mearcat to understand the wiring on my car. I am wondering what are the loom differences that I should know between the two models. Thanks.
  3. Johnoglanza

    Non powersteering manual steering rack

    Wanted a non power steering rack and column in good working condition from a starlet . must be willing to post to the republic of Ireland . thank you
  4. Johnoglanza

    wheel bearing

    hi i install a wheel bearing and the bearing split a few times is that normal?and ive installed the hub plate and there is still a wobble is that ok?
  5. Johnoglanza

    brake master cylinder

    Hi i put in a new brake master cylinder and ive to swap the plug but i dno which wire to connect to the oem plug
  6. Johnoglanza

    Altanator wiring

    Hi im just connecting up the wiring for the altenator and i cant remember what the black plug is for and is the altenator connected right aswell ??
  7. Johnoglanza

    gearbox bolts

    Hi i three bolts left do they just thread in or am i missing something
  8. Johnoglanza

    Flywheel dust cover

    Basicaly i cant get the bolt out its spinning. So will i cut the dust plate along the lines or will i just run without it
  9. Johnoglanza

    Horn wiring

    i stripped and redid my loom cos it was fucked before etc and it all finished but i fucked up and forgot the horn wiring ive the 2 wires going into the oem fuse green one and white but now i just think it be easier if i just rewired my horn seperatly so im looking for advice on how todo it and...
  10. Johnoglanza

    Anti roll bar

    One of the bolt attaching my front anti roll bar snap off and im wondering whats the best way to remove it
  11. Johnoglanza

    Throttle position point

    hi i just wondering on a glanza does anyone know the Throttle position point for open loop transition (%) thanks
  12. Johnoglanza

    water and vac lines

    hi im just wondering could someone post a pic of the water and vac lines connected so i can make sure ive them connected in the right order thanks
  13. Johnoglanza

    Twin pot clearence

    Im fitting my twinpot carries and the disk is rubbing on the carrier and on the other side it fits perfect??
  14. Johnoglanza

    Wheel studs

    Hi i got extended wheel studs that are a 14.3 knurl diameter and and wont fit in the hub by any chance does anyone know the knurl diameter of a glanza wheel stud
  15. Johnoglanza

    Levin final drive

    ive a 5speed box from a bzg levin and im wondering what internals do i need to do the swap thanks
  16. Johnoglanza

    Alternator question

    Is the ep91 starlet alternator the same as the glanzas alternator thanks
  17. Johnoglanza

    Engine mounts

    Whats the best way to remove the actual mount from the bracket in order to fit polybushed ones
  18. Johnoglanza

    Crankshaft sprocket

    Does the crankshaft sprocket disk just sit up against the sprocket ?
  19. Johnoglanza

    Crankshaft sprocket fitting

    Hi ive fitted the oil pump and im havin difficulty in fitting the crankshaft sprocket back on and i wonderin do ye have any advice on how to do it without damaging it thanks
  20. Johnoglanza

    Oil pump change

    Im changing the oil pump but how do i remove the crankshaft sprocket without damaging it thanks