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  1. Gee

    Civic Type R - EK9 facelift - B18C (1998)

    No longer for sale. Can't bare to drive a diesel and I won't get anything with this performance and handeling that is as cheap to run. If I do get a pay cut and can't run the car, I'll sell it then..for now..I'm keeping it. :)
  2. Gee

    Civic Type R - EK9 facelift - B18C (1998)

    I'll listen to offers above £6,000. Thanks.
  3. Gee

    Civic Type R - EK9 facelift - B18C (1998)

    It's an awesome car. But I'm moving out next month and probably going to get a pay cut in the next few months, so gonna be sensible and make finacial adjustments now way ahead of myself.
  4. Gee

    Civic Type R - EK9 facelift - B18C (1998)

    For sale: Civic Type R - EK9 facelift - B18C (1998) Item Condition: Good. Alloys need refurbing. Price and price conditions: £7100 ONO. Will consider P/X. Would like a 2002+ Audi S3 TDI Sport. Though other diesels considered or anything you think would interest me and is cheaper...
  5. Gee

    off to malta tomorrow!!!!!

    I went on holiday in Malta, but won't go back. Was bored after a few days :(
  6. Gee

    Texas chainsaw massacre prank

    The fake head one is fucking funny.
  7. Gee

    steroid thread

    Cool, what is his bodyweight? I'm doing 3 plates squats at the moment (140kg) and I weigh about 88kg.
  8. Gee

    steroid thread

    What weight was he pushing?
  9. Gee

    steroid thread

    What was the content of the video?
  10. Gee

    Sexy diesels?

    Thanks for the suggestions so far, will bookmark this page when the time comes. I think it would have to be a 2.0L turbo diesel. Yes, something with a bit of poke is preferred, but buying a diesel would also be about cuttings on runnings costs.
  11. Gee

    Sexy diesels?

    Can you show me the shape you are referring to? I've had Audi in mind, but only A3's catch my eye and though they are nice looking cars, they don't have much appeal to me. Something like this does, but they are too expensive.
  12. Gee

    Sexy diesels?

    Yes..I said it. Diesels..devil piss to car enthusiasts. However, lets say you were leaving the performance car modding game and wanted something comfortable, sexy, cheap to run and diesel what would you go for if you had £5-6,000 to spend?
  13. Gee

    Average speed cameras - What am I missing?

    As some of you may know, there is barrier renewal going on for miles along the M62. So for my whole 20 mile commute from Huddersfield to Leeds the speed limit is set to 50mph. Now I see people whizzing a long at at least 70mph and even saw a motorbike bombing it through them all at about...
  14. Gee

    well its finished

    I split up with my Mrs 4 weeks ago. We were together 9 years! Feels like shit at the start but gets better with time. Life goes on, fuck it! :D
  15. Gee

    modern warefare 2 leaked!!!

    There is an english one. Obviously can't tell you where. NFO:
  16. Gee

    modern warefare 2 leaked!!!

    Leaked? Yeah, had it over a week already, LOL And the x-ray goggles are toys, waste of money.
  17. Gee

    TGTT Technical Members - who?

    There are a lot of people that are very technical on here, but the main point for me is that some not lots in particular areas. So giving an overall who is the most technical is difficult.
  18. Gee

    anyone watchin haye vs valuev?

    Standing in front of someone with a 7 stone weight difference would be suicide. What else did anyone expect? OK, not the most exciting or dominating gameplan but he landed the most shots and combo's. Most of the time Valuev was hitting air or throwing single strikes. So, even though Haye...
  19. Gee

    Drugs, what the government doesnt want you to know

    1 pint won't kill you, but 1 ecstasy pill could. Yes, drinking can harm you so can smoking, causes diseases like cancer etc but you won't see my smoking crack anytime soon.
  20. Gee

    uncharted 2 among thieves

    Game of the year so far, it's great. Finished it the other day. Got it out of the way in time for Modern Warfare 2 ;)