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    Sacodetoro broke down.

    Just making sure you got home alright fella. Good talking till you hope you get her sorted.
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    Anyone have a greddy profec a boost controller?

    Need help have been given a profec boost controller the one with the pop out knob that can be set from 0 to 2.0 bar of boost. The harness has been cut after the plug on the solenoid/ start of the harness. If any one could help me with pictures/info in making a harness would be great to see if it...
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    Got my ep95 lowered

    Been building my ep95 for a while now but its getting there lol lowered on d2 coilovers all round rears are modified bottoms and ep95 strut tops. From this To this
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    Anyone using there's d2 coilovers?

    Hi there anyone using these coilovers? Do the bottom end screw of like the old ones so i can screw on mine for my ep95. looks like it does but just to be sure Thanks tom...
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    My new gt turbo

    My new gt turbo with new wheels Well after selling my gt advance for good money i was stuck on what to buy next. But i couldn't leave the starlet scene yet. I kept my gold gramlights, toms spoiler and red tom's shocks and spring. So went and seen this gt and bought it pretty much...
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    Rays wheel nuts

    Anyone know anything bout these nuts are they fake? thanks tom.
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    Thanks sacha

    Hi sacha recieved your manifold today really nice bit of kit thanks alot great man to deal with thanks tom.
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    Wanted td04 clamp

    Hi guys i am looking the clamp that hold the turbo together thanks.
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    New wheels on my gt advance

    Hi guys just a small update i removed my shocks and tein 40mm springs and replaced them with my toms/trd red shocks and springs and i have all so fitted my rays gram lights and enkei alloy wheel nuts. Not to sure bout the wheels think the colour is growin on me. Car used to have these on her...
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    Good external wastegate?

    Hi guys maybe a stupid question but i am looking an external wastegate and i am just wondering what to get some thing good value for money type of thing. Just dont want to buy a thing of ebay that going to be pure crap. It will be going onto a wepr td04 manifold is this ment to be 38mm...
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    Td04 help?

    Hi guys just bought a td04 manifold and decat of sacha and i am wanting to know what all bits i need like oil lines and stuff thanks for the help tom.
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    1996 Mint black glanza v shell

    For sale: 1996 Toyota glanza v sunroof model shell Item Condition: This car was imported and has never been registered and all i can say is she is mint no rust at all. This car is just bare shell still has wings steering rack and front brakes and sun roof DOES NOT COME WITH ANY...
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    My dads starlet kp60s

    Hi guys just though i would put up a couple of pictures of my dads starlet kp60s. The black one has 37 thousand miles from new never painted or welded totaly mint. The red one is a jap import caged, coilovers cusco adjustable top mounts, trd 2 way lsd and twin mikuni carbs on a 1300 4k...
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    orc 309d rebuild kit

    Hi guys been trying to get a rebuild kit for my clutch but rhd japan and nengun dont want anything to do with it. because my cover doen't have a code engraved on it anyone else had this problem? or any one able to point me in the right direction thanks tom.
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    New member from northern ireland

    Hi all my names tom and i drive a gt advance starlet and i am biulding a ep95 at the min will have to get a couple of pictures up of her.