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    td04l turbo

    as above must be in perfect working order and del to ireland
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    stock headgasket ideas

    anybody ever thought about modifing the stock toyota headgasket to have more of the waterways open like an athena one or the likes? wonder would it work and not ruin the gasket? just a taught as im in the middle of doing mine now
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    td04 kit wanted

    as above must have all to fit and a good turbo, internal wg prefered to keep costs down but may take external
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    emu software

    trying to download emanage ultimate software ver2.20 and its saying it failed to start because EMGUSB.dll not found, why would this be?
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    what LSD is this?

    just bought an lsd box and the owner was unsure of what make the diff was so i took it out to see but no markings and also what is this?
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    engine failure

    sick of blowing engines at this stage! running a tongs spec gt hybrid at one bar and 1.2bar the odd time on emanage ultimate. it used to keep cracking the ringlands so i got a new engine and this happened, what do ye think is the cause of it throwing a rod out the block like so... very...
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    my kitted glanza

    just a few pics of my glanza the way it sits at the moment, mapped on emu at 1.2 bar on a tongs spec hybrid
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    Blitz dsbc spec r boost controller

    anyone got the manual to set up this controller? its the dc i-d one so this manual wont work
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    need a mint set of coilys must be in perfect condition, pm me..
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    john you have pm

    as above
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    injectors 330cc or 360cc

    as above pm me what ya got straight fit for 4e only
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    drop link part no

    as above looking for the part number for the phase 2 drop links for my glanza, cant seem to find it, cheers
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    question about profec type s

    does the vacuum line have to be conected to the fuel pressure regulator? as im havin problems with adjusting the high boost and unsure if its the controller or vacuum source, i have it inbetween the inlet and dump valve atm. low boost is working at .8 bar but high only goes to .7 or .8 up to the...
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    handbrake cables

    just got mine today aswell as pads, now i never changed the cables before so just wondering is it as simple as removing old and fit new? will they need to be adjusted or anything? my handbrake atm comes right upto the top as if its not conected to the cables, have right hand cable and the left...
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    toyosports td04 stainless mani

    wondering what these are like? ino the mild steel ones have some good reviews but cant find anything on there stainless td04 mani?
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    rear anti roll bar wanted

    as above, a whiteline one, cash waiting
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    HID hi/low problems

    fited h4 hids in my car yesterday and the full beams worked when first fitted and now they dont. anyone ever have a problem like this? also tryed another brand new kit and the same thing again? dims work perfect but when i put on the full they go off and i need to turn off the lights and on...
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    running in rebuild engine

    well just rebuilding my bottom end so want to know whats the best way to run it in?
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    after front coilovers for a glanza must be in good nick and delivered to ireland, will take a full set for good money pm me
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    con rod bearings sizes

    ok going to order some off camskill standard size and theres 3 types, mark 1 mark 2 and mark 3 and they say it says the mark on the bearing but all my bearings have 5L 3C, so what do i order??