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    Wanted 16valve efi pipe for ep82

    As above I'm lookin for one of these pipes in the picture below As clean as possible once nothing is broke or glued back together im happy enough as iv bought 4 of them now and each of them was broken where the bov is mounted I will pay good money for a m1nt one if anyone has one Thanks lads
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    What's this noise

    Drivin the car today with Anto from toc and noticed this noise on the car Pipes look ok on vacuum pipes and im gettin full boost and still pulls hard but this noise has my head wrecked
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    Reputation credits

    Iv always wondered what is the reputation credits about I see I have 10 nd others have 0 to 2,3,400+ What do they do and what do you do to get them Iv always wondered nd tonight was the night I got it off my chest ha
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    Ep82 optional extras wanted

    Looking for a few optional extras but mainly the ones below but I knowvyhey will be hard got but pm me what you have anyways Lookin for a blue tip parking pole for the starlet Must be mint and have full wiring loom and check if it's working before I buy please Also lookin for a rear...
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    Oem parts wanted

    Looking for part number 17861 11000 It's the pipe that says 16 valve efi on it Discontinued from toyota and have to get one brand new If you can source brand new air box aswell part number 17705 I think Is the part number Here's a diagram here and basiclly want everything on the drawing...
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    recaro material

    bought ep82 fishnets and just wondering does anywhere sell material for them .. i know where i can get the black material but lookin to get the centre 2 tone done like new also lookin to see does anyone know if you can buy the recaro logo again as mine are pretty faided on both seats i...
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    is it just me or can nobody sign into ukso
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    optional extras

    after the following for an ep82 Vanity tray Front cup holders Rear cup holders Front clean box (have ep91 clean box if anyone wants to swap) Rear clean box Passanger footrest Roof mounted Clean Ace Parking Pole EP82 Full recaro interior (Must be Mint)
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    ep82 mk1 original wheels

    well lads im lookin for these a while now im lookin for the mk1 starlet original alloy wheels.. ill swap my bronze rota grids and a few quid jsut give an offer .. will pay cash just pm me a price heres a pic which are belonged to another member of the site pm me with details if...
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    ep82 mk1 newbie

    hows things lads and ladies been snoopin around this site a while now and thought id finally join up my name is darragh im from ireland and im a proud owner of an ep82 mk1 gt turbo and a mk1 gi look forward to gettin chattin to yous all and get a bit of avice etc .. ill post up pics...