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  1. Epjoni

    No electric windows,gauge cluster or heater blower EP82

    Anybody able to help me with this please:rolleyes: My ep82 electric windows, dash lights, heater controls wont work. I have power at the plugs for gauges ,power at the plug for electric windows( I tried different electric window switches but still no joy) but the central locking button working...
  2. Epjoni

    Engine cooling problem/thermostat/ temp gauge?

    Having a problem with my gt starlets cooling system. First off no matter how long I run the car for the bottom rad hose will not get warm always cold (which is what I assume the water not too be circulating) also the temp gauge is not working inside the this a knackerd thermostat or are...
  3. Epjoni

    Fuel cut on standard boost???

    Have a standard gt starlet ep82 no engine mods at all and still has cat,tmic etc..when car comes on boost it seems too hit fuel cut why is this? I have no boost gauge but actuator was set too .65 bar in my glanza which does have a boost gauge and then fitted too my gt..any help appreciated
  4. Epjoni

    ep82 coilovers wanted

    looking for a cheap set of ep82 coilovers
  5. Epjoni

    Wanted!4x114 wheels

    what have you got lads:)
  6. Epjoni

    Red Glanza V wanted

    Looking for another red glanza too start another project..must be in ireland :)
  7. Epjoni

    Red Bride Seat

    For sale: Item Condition:Mint Price and price conditions:500 Extra Info:Came from tuning factorys crx Pictures: Contact Details:PM Location:Ireland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: PICK UP OR CAN BE ARRANGED FOR CURIOUR
  8. Epjoni

    Serious boost problem

    :( story is i had a new angine built and fitted last week as my old one had a painfull death...since i got it back the hybrid ct9 i had fitted too the old engine and now fitted to my new one was loosing and gaining boost in very short a jerk feel when also was squeling...
  9. Epjoni

    ct9 hybrid wanted

    anyone selling a ct9 hybrid??:)
  10. Epjoni

    Shed clearout

    For sale: JAM Glanza Eyebrows Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions:30 euro Extra Info:Good condition Pictures: Contact Details:pm Location:ireland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:postage 5 euro For sale: Glanza OEM Strut Brace Item Condition: Good...
  11. Epjoni

    wanted ep82 TMIC cover and catch can

    im looking foe TMIC cover with no cracks or broken peices and oil catch can for a ep82?
  12. Epjoni

    Ebay exedy clutch

    rebuilding my engine and wanted to ereplace the clutch just to be safe...has anyone used these clutches and how would they compare to a standard toyota clutch...
  13. Epjoni

    Irish Engine builders

    Looking to get glanza engine rebuild as the bottom end is gone..anyone on here in ireland do rebuilds?prices etc..and wondering what i need too get parts wise..the crankshaft is goe past repair and there is a huge play in the rods where the bearings have been worn to nothing almost...what would...
  14. Epjoni


    Is a glanza Crankshaft the same as the crankshaft in a standard 1.3 non turbo 16 valve.?
  15. Epjoni

    Number for Chris@CCM

    anyone have a phone number for chris ?
  16. Epjoni

    Wiring fogs..

    My glanza had a carbon culture bumper when i bought it (no fogs) im now changing the bumper and want foglights.the two connections seem to be there for the foglights only the they have been tied up but there is no switch in the car for them...anyone any ideas how i could work this?
  17. Epjoni

    guide to changing turbo wanted?

    anything out there changing a ct9 on a glanza?
  18. Epjoni

    98/99 glanza front bumper

    98/99 glanza front bumper wanted in ireland..
  19. Epjoni

    Ct9 and ct9 hybrid exhaust housing

    just wondering if the exhauust housing on a ct9 and ct9 hybrid is the same and if id be able too change it over from my standard ct9 to a ct9 hybrid.
  20. Epjoni

    ct9 hybrid

    as above looking for a ct9 hybrid