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    serious mis fire problems HELP please

    lads i have ep91 glanza turbo here with serious misfire problem, if i put the foot down on the car she revs to about 4.5k and starts miss firing boost goes up to 0.6bar and stays steady at that, all when no load (parked up), there should be no boost without driving in the first place. same...
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    idle problem help

    Well lads I have problem with my cars idle, she's hunting and wont idle properly, and vacuum very low -0.1-0.2 it would mean she's drawing air somewhere, or timing is out, i took out intake cam and presurised the intake mani, eliminated couple small leaks, cams timing is perfect also, what else...
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    idle control valve trouble

    lads i'm having trouble with my idle control valve, idle was perfect before car was striped out, i'm using aftermarket cams, intake manifold and throtle body, exact same setup as the last time as it was working, now only thing is its been secured horizontaly on the firewall compared to verticaly...
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    valve springs base presure question

    what should be valve spring base presure for high boost(1.8bar+) and 8.5k rpm also whats the standart base presure for 4efte? any specific valve springs recomendations?
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    ep70 distributor points gap size?

    i noticed my starlet is geting hard to start, checked ignition and the points inside distributor is comletely burned, so got new ones along with rotor arm and dizzy cap, i'm planing on changing them at lunch brake tomoro and need to know what size gap should be between points...
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    piston rings question

    lads i got small problem, i droped my block to machine shop to get it skimmed(will be using metal head gasket). now thei got confused and insted of skimming thei honed the block, i was going to run same same piston rings as thei were beded in and only 5k miles on it, but now i have to replace...
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    roots of brake dance

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    mouse vs mouse trap

    check this video out :haha:
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    is this camshaft fixable?

    can some one tell me if this cam repairable?
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    forged piston swap

    lads i got gt in here that droped the valve and damaged forged ross piston 75mm, there isnt even a mark on the block, so just wondering should he get new set of 75mm pistons and will be o.k or get something like 75.25mm pistons and give it new fresh bore?
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    help with diagnostics

    lads i have weird problem with diagnostics, car is idling high(2k rpm) so i said i'll check the diagnostics, but engine managment light does not flash it just stays on full time, car used to be an automatic if thats any help
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    big ends torue value

    thinking of opening up my engine for peak around can someone tell me the value of torqueing big ends. i read its: stage1 20nm stage2 40nm now on another thread it said Con-rod cap to con-rod: 29ftlb (18ftlb then +90 degrees) 29ftlb its in very close to 40nm so its fine, the other part...
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    head lifting/bolts streching

    lads does anyone know the sighns of head lifting, i use gt3040 turbo at 1.6bar with standart headbolts and i have a feeling the head is lifting and pushing coolant out on long hard driving, car is fine for daily driving and short burst's of pedal to the matal action(30-60 seconds) i use half...
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    check out this camber
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    one for guitar lovers
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    identify this diff please

    as some of you know i blew 3rd gear in my glanza, so whent away and got new box for 230 euro with 70k miles, to my suprize when i opened her i found a diff inside(bought as non lsd box) now it looks identical to trd unit but just to be sure can some one confirm this, also is there way to tell if...
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    niw thats whar i call sport

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    couple funny videos

    DOG: how to kill two hummer jeeps
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    nice christmas present for your dog