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  1. Gilly2006

    70mm throttle body TPS adaptor

    I seem to be missing something here to use the stock TPS but not 100% sure what it is. Can anyone help?
  2. Gilly2006

    EP82 wiper\indicator assembly

    I'm after a full working wiper\indicator assembly for an ep82 - the one I have at the moment is variable speed on the wipers but a standard one will be fine. Anyone has one send me a message! Gilly
  3. Gilly2006

    2x Inlet Valves

    Hi Guys, As above if anyone has a couple of inlet valves knocking around please get in touch. Kind Regards Gilly
  4. Gilly2006

    5E/3E Crank wanted

    As above, needs to be in good order. If anybody has one please get in contact! Thanks
  5. Gilly2006

    4x 75mm Wiesco Pistons & Scat Rods with Bolts

    For sale: 4x Wiesco Pistons & Scat Rods with Bolts *SOLD Item Condition: Used but Good. Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Used Pistons that have approximately Covered around 40K in milage. No Cracks or signs of detonation - Managed 308hp with these and came off my 4E running...
  6. Gilly2006

    White MRK 3 EP82 Fully Forged 5E

    For sale: White MK3 EP82 Fully Forged 5E Item Condition: Good condition Price and price conditions: *** SOLD *** Extra Info: Were do I start? I am extremely sad to sell my pride and joy, I have had this car 6 years and it has been used as a family car and has mainly been driven by my...
  7. Gilly2006

    Billet Hybrid TD04 *Newly Built 0 Miles*

    Billet Hybrid TD04 *Newly Built 0 Miles* SOLD For sale: Super 20T Billet Hybrid Td04 *also fitted is a race staggered Oil Seal on the Turbine side* Item Condition: Great, Recently rebuilt with parts and balancing work completed by Turbo Force located in Bamber Bridge Which is local to...
  8. Gilly2006

    Glanza fuel tank on ep82

    Does anybody know if an ep91 fuel tank will fit an ep82???
  9. Gilly2006

    Ep82 front bumper + drivers indicator

    Due to a complete dick hitting my car in a car park whilst at work I'm looking for a ep82 front bumper preferably in black but I will consider anything. Also a drivers side indicator in yellow but will consider clear.
  10. Gilly2006

    Ep82 fuel tank needed

    As above if anybody has one knocking about please pm me. Thanks Mike
  11. Gilly2006

    Valve stem seals

    As above if anybody has any for sale give me a pm. Mike
  12. Gilly2006

    oil filter relocation kit

    Just after a few peoples thoughts and/or directions, I am currently looking for a oil filter relocation kit because my turbo is far too tight to the oil filter, to change the filter im having to disconnect the oil feed line to rotate the turbo to unscrew the oil filter. Im using a oil...
  13. Gilly2006

    Ep82 Parcel Shelf

    As above if anybody has one for sale give me a shout via pm or email on regards Mike
  14. Gilly2006

    ep82 Japspeed exhaust

    For sale: Japspeed backbox including half system. Item Condition: ok Price and price conditions: £40 collected, can post but will be at buyers cost. Extra Info: N/A Pictures: Contact Details: PM or Location: Preston Bamber bridge Delivery &...
  15. Gilly2006

    370cc injectors

    For sale: 370cc injectors Item Condition: Used but good. Price and price conditions: *SOLD* Extra Info: Reason for sale is there not big enough for setup I'm running, Never had any issues running these injectors and always ran spot on. Pictures: Contact Details: pm or a quick email to...
  16. Gilly2006

    thermal inlet plate

    As above I'm after a thermal inlet plate, i have a friend who has one and the inlet manifold temps even just by touching it are such a difference. pm please! :cool:
  17. Gilly2006

    Exedy paddle clutch

    As above, if anybody has one please let me know via pm. Mine has just given up the ghost after a lovely drive in the country yesterday.
  18. Gilly2006

    15" enkei alloys

    For sale: 4 enkei alloys without tyres. Good condition. Item Condition: Good, Price and price conditions: £100 Delivered or £80 collected Extra Info: n/a Pictures: [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Contact Details: pm or email on Location: Preston Lancashire...
  19. Gilly2006

    CT9 manifold-Turbo gasket

    As above, i would prefer a multi-layed steel gasket as they seal better then the crappy crush gaskets. Feel free to give me a shout via pm. kind regards Mike
  20. Gilly2006

    LSD Identification help!

    A friend of mine bought an LSD box quite a while ago and with regards to all clutch type LSD" the plates have worn down quite significantly resulting in quite frankly a slightly/non-working LSD. We both have spent hours trying to find out what LSD it is but have come to no avail. pics*...