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  1. Ben89

    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    Just checking in for the first time in a couple of years! Really do enjoy popping back and having a read! I really must get the V going soon she’s been sat three years now feeling very sorry for herself!
  2. Ben89

    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    I haven’t logged in for a very long time, I do still have a Glanza that’s been sat for a while, it seems a family of mice have moved in recently. I’m going to get it going again soon and try and put some miles on it, i have great memories of this forum it’s great to see it’s still here albeit a...
  3. Ben89

    comtec betime 125 turbo timer

    An oldy but a goldy. In answer to those concerned if memory serves me right, the turbo timer went in the bin :)
  4. Ben89

    Forged engine lasts 3k???

    If it's done a piston or ring that quickly of say it wasn't/hasn't been mapped properly. What set up/engine management are you running? Any fuelling mods?
  5. Ben89

    Poor Range Rover.

  6. Ben89

    Lancer forum primetime thread

    LOL, thread of epic proportions right there. Hope someone catches up with scumbag.
  7. Ben89

    My FD RX7 project

    Sorry to see your selling it matey. Needs must though Ay! Hope your keeping well man it's been aping time since I've seen ya! Glwts and a free bump for a top bloke as well!
  8. Ben89

    toyota buy subaru

    I'm quite sure Toyota have owned a controlling share of Subaru for a number of years now?
  9. Ben89

    JAM ECU for glanza

    It won't work.
  10. Ben89

    scarp cats

    15-20 quid round here for them last time I checked around a year ago.
  11. Ben89

    World smallest V12 engine

    Quite incredible the amount of work engineering involved in that!
  12. Ben89

    mortgage/house/legal question!?!?

    Sorry to hear about this, one thing you should defiantly make sure is your name is off the mortgage ASAP, if she misses a payment and your on the mortgage still things could get much worse for you. Is she going to remortgage giving you the remaining?
  13. Ben89

    jobs what does everyone do??

    Ex soldier, now working as a refrigeration and air-conditioning technician for a government funded experimental station! I enjoy my work and it's quite flexible, also I usually get left alone to crack on so that's quite nice! It's nice to see people from this site coming from varied professional...
  14. Ben89

    Hello from Australia - EP82 Project Phase 1

    Nice motor mate, just a quick point I notice in the picture the actuator doesn't look like its connected to the wastegate, your boost problem might be there? And welcome along btw!
  15. Ben89

    F1 or Rally ?

    F1 for me, watched almost every grandprix since 1989 tbh, find it amazing how advanced the cars are/ how hard the drivers can push. I also enjoy watching rallying, motocross and superbikes. But it all boils down to f1 for me!
  16. Ben89

    Tesco fuel problems heads up That's all I could find on an Internet search, although this is a diesel problem. Like I say it's just a heads up, if I didn't say anything and your car goes tits up...
  17. Ben89

    Tesco fuel problems heads up

    I heard about it through another forum. It seems some people have had O2 sensor failures and it's common to tescos fuel, not entirely sure if tescos have taken responsibility just yet. I believe silicone is used in fuel to reduce its evaporation rate while under high pressure, but if too much is...
  18. Ben89

    Tesco fuel problems heads up

    High silicone levels, it happened a few years ago and ruined a shit load of people's O2 sensors. Luckily at the time my car was carbed so didn't have any problems. Like I say just be careful even if you keep your receipt the annoyance of having to replace an O2 sensor wouldn't out way any...
  19. Ben89

    Tesco fuel problems heads up

    Just a heads up for everyone, tescos fuel is causing problems again like a few years ago, not sure if it's affecting 99 Ron. Apparently affecting most Wales, the northwest of England and the northeast!
  20. Ben89

    How do I stop my car messing up tv signal?

    Usually it's to do with your alternator, your probably best off replacing it!