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  1. SupaStu

    Need Drivers side window switches, and front wiper linkage (Glanza V EP91)

    Hi, as above, need drivers side window controls, and front window wiper linkage (don't need wiper motor). For Glanza V EP91, i'm in Northern Ireland if anyone is handy. Thanks Stu
  2. SupaStu

    Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers Sacha, cant wait to get the new mani fitted in Jan, enjoy the festivities :
  3. SupaStu

    Brakes hitting ABS straight away..

    Cheers Jay, going to get it washed underneath today as well as its a mudfest, i'll run the diagnostic when I get home and see what it says :)
  4. SupaStu

    Brakes hitting ABS straight away..

    Just started happening, when I brake, pedal is kinda soft and ABS kicks in straight away, so braking is very poor. I re-bled them last night so should be fine, thinking that the rings and sensors are full of mud, as our lane and roads are totally full of mud and its blocking the signals...
  5. SupaStu

    If you have a Membership or PayPal subscription issue - Please post here

    Balls I think i paid again, ill double check.
  6. SupaStu

    If you have a Membership or PayPal subscription issue - Please post here

    Not sure if I have paid twice now, I paid today as my pm messages are full, but it doesnt show as a full member unless somethings changed?
  7. SupaStu

    Whats happened?

    lol i'm still here, had the same one for the last 8 years... Everyone asks why i'm still driving that relic, antique car. But I also have a project Merc C220 cdi, and normal land rover jeep for the dogs, so its not about getting a "new" car anymore. *although if i could sell them all...
  8. SupaStu

    Rumbly Suspension Query

    Cheers lads, i've had TRD in at the moment, but changing out for poly bush type ones. See how they get on later.
  9. SupaStu

    Rumbly Suspension Query I got one part off, and it looks like the hole is large enough but the links wont come off, leaving it...
  10. SupaStu

    Rumbly Suspension Query

    Hi, it looks like my drop links are very tired. I ordered new ones there from camskill, however before I have to saw off the old ones (bottom nut totally buffed), the new ones have 14 mm thread on both the top and bottom, so the bolt is thicker on the down piece (the stock one is 12 mm at...
  11. SupaStu

    Rumbly Suspension Query

    I'm just wondering if I need to start replacing them all to refresh it, MOT coming up in Oct as well. I've never changed the bushes in the wishbones, so they will be 18 years old or so, you ever changed these? I'm going to go over it all this week, hungover today so couldnt face it!
  12. SupaStu

    Rumbly Suspension Query

    Yeah i'll check over all of them, as its starting to grate on me :) The droplinks and front ARB bushes are TRD, but changed them a good 4 years ago I think.
  13. SupaStu

    Rumbly Suspension Query

    Rumbly Suspension Query (drop link help needed!) Hi, just wondering if anyone has any tips. Problem is, car suspension feels rumbly through the front when going over small bumps and very noticeable over uneven roads/concrete. I've Mr Zetas coilovers on new from last year, so it shouldn't...
  14. SupaStu

    Cat Converter for Glanza V 1.3 Turbo 96

    You don't need a CAT, just put in a straight through pipe. Dont need CATs for MOT, just a myth. As Jay says as long as the emissions are not too rich it should be fine. I've a Blitz decat in mine, and it passes every year. You can get penty on ebay, or on here.
  15. SupaStu

    Haynes manual?

    I've the Corolla one 97-2002 and its a good job, very similar and a lot of the stuff exactly the same as the starlet.
  16. SupaStu

    Rear Break caliper piston

    Nice work, I must get mine done too, just got them lying about here!
  17. SupaStu

    Oil Change on GT
  18. SupaStu

    Service Parts

    Genuine where possible, OEM sec ones are always cheaper but Genuine quality is 100%, and fitment is also. Depending on the price for the parts, things like ball joints etc I just use blueprint as Toyota ones are expensive, depends on your cash flow. For engine parts I use Toyota. OEM filters...
  19. SupaStu

    Rear Break caliper piston

    The rear piston just screws on to the thread inside the caliper, there's some other bits in there, but you don't need to replace them normally. The caliper kit does replace any rubbery type part tho. I don't think the piston is £45 should be around £25-30 I think. I've a new one sitting here...
  20. SupaStu

    Dust Guards

    Yeah that's them, not sure but most likely Northern Ireland weather, lots of rain, snow, ice and salt, and branches and shit from the farm lanes. My car never gets a rest through all seasons!