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  1. GTti

    Price rises

    There are plenty available to import though.
  2. GTti

    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    P.S. You guys remember Llandow? Anything like that since?
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    Rumblings of a new Starlet..

    Well you say that, but that's exactly what spawned the Starlet GT, Charade GTti and all the other small engined turbocharged vehicles of the late 80s / early 90s. There's a market gap for small engined, turbocharged and lightweight hatchbacks. The Ford 1.0 Ecoboost is a good and light engine...
  4. GTti

    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    Some familiar faces in this thread, hope you're all well. I decided to come and have a quick check to see what people are up to. I've noticed there aren't many for sale on eBay/pistonheads, and the number of traders have significantly reduced. I presume the influx of cheap parts on eBay has...
  5. GTti

    old engines & back pressure

    I'm pretty sure I've seen your car outside a Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi - I can't imagine there are too many Starlets around ;)
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    Greddy E-Manage Blue with harnesses and pressure sensor

    Apologies not sure if eBay items are allowed here? For sale: GReddy E-Manage Blue with Harnesses and Pressure sensor. Item Condition: New and unused Price and price conditions: Auction - Extra Info...
  7. GTti

    Anyone got a Go Pro Hero / Hero 2 camera

    I've had one for a while, but the only real action it's had is stuck to a Mustang driving a few hundred miles over Florida Keys and the Everglades! Well worth it, saves messing around with bullet cameras and the result is often superior.
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    Tragic loss to the starlet world : RIP Dave Burwash!

    As with others I've not been active here for some time but I'd just like to pay my respects to Mr Burwash. A sad loss for the Starlet GT community.
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    what car for £1500????

    They are old indeed, you'd be hard pushed to find one with a decent shell.
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    Nurburgring (Starlet spotted)

    We've met in a few countries and cities... I will put some more pictures up though. She was driving not me!
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    Nurburgring (Starlet spotted)

    Well... long time no see, I was visiting a lovely young lady in Germany, we were in the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart when she said "Hey do you fancy going to the Nurburgring". My eyes lit up, can you imagine a young lady asking you this! The next day and three hours later (125-135mph on the...
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    Charade G100 GTti/GTxx coilovers?

    Lewis, Leda sell them, but they're about £1200 I think.
  13. GTti

    my first glanza v

    Welcome! ;)
  14. GTti

    up and down shaft play?

    The shaft is balanced with the compressor wheel, if the shaft is warped or worn then it will need replacing. The recess on the rear and notches on the top are where weight has been removed for balancing purposes. CT9's aren't known for their great reliability!
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    Failed MOT coz my CO is too low!!!!!!!!!

    I usually use Arden Park in Old Wolverton.
  16. GTti

    up and down shaft play?

    As Rory and Aidan say, there will be a small amount of up and down play, when pressurised with oil will keep it central in the cartridge. I have a brand new IHI turbo and a reconditioned unit, both have an identical amount of play.
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    putting on muscle

    If you want something, demonstrate you are motivated and driven enough to achieve it. Be patient. Sure you can use them safely, but everyone reacts differently to drugs, for example you can't mitigate the potential of hair loss through DHT, not everyone's natural testosterone levels can recover...
  18. GTti

    putting on muscle

    I'm 5ft 11, only ever been 14st at heaviest, but am now about 13st and a few lbs. You don't need steroids, at the end of the day you age, your body gets old, and then turns into dust when you die - so why bother with any risk.
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    putting on muscle

    1. Exercises - This link shows you how to perform each exercise, you can select by muscle. You want to concentrate on compound exercises such as dead lifts, bench press, military presses etc. 2. Diet - Complex carbohydrates, protein, fluids, fruit and...
  20. GTti Track Events for Consideration!

    What about prospective dates? Also non road legal cars OK for sprint track?