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  1. faisalgtturbo

    Brochure and memorabilia collection

    Oooff nicee collection Si Faisal
  2. faisalgtturbo

    WANTED: Plug and play ecu (ep82)

    Pm me got a jam racing pnp ecu here Faisal
  3. faisalgtturbo

    Glow Panel on FB Group

    I dont need to find anyone i know exactly where he is... i cba karma will get to him opinions are like assholes ... everones got one !! Doesnt me your is right ..... Those are tein flex... retail at £1200+ new as they work with efdc controller...i priced um well enough ... new bc/miesters...
  4. faisalgtturbo

    Glow Panel on FB Group

    It was me selling um tosspot.... those were decent coilovers/condition and pics sent before we made a deal... he was happy with his purchase shall i go through stuff u sold and post pictures ?? Mr matt jones/ djnairo whatever u call yourself thesedays Damaged live sport spoiler... remember...
  5. faisalgtturbo

    Tribute Jam gear knobs and horn push

    Count me in !!
  6. faisalgtturbo

    Bubble Boost!

  7. faisalgtturbo

    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    wow first time back in here a long time Hi guys.. i am still rocking my EP82's Faisal
  8. faisalgtturbo

    TOM'S Steering Wheel

    pm me if its still available plz cheers
  9. faisalgtturbo

    Attempted hacking of my account on here

    Hi guys I had the same email too someone has tried hacking my account faisal
  10. faisalgtturbo

    Whats happened?

    hi i am still rocking my GT faisal
  11. faisalgtturbo

    apfc wanted..

    hi I have a genuine HRF power fc but it dosn't use a commander faisal
  12. faisalgtturbo

    hi peeps

    Nevermind ebay on the case faisal
  13. faisalgtturbo

    hi peeps

    sorry didnt know where else to put this i need help identifying a untrusted seller (on ebay but he is a member on here too I think) his number is 07852220902 called paul wichell I think his user name is GlanzaTD04 I been waiting for a month for an item to show up if...
  14. faisalgtturbo


    darraghmh91 I am on here too !! faisal
  15. faisalgtturbo

    **** Rare Tom's items****

    sorry these are no longer for sale please delete this thread cheers faisal
  16. faisalgtturbo

    **** Rare Tom's items****

    thanks Micky !! faisal
  17. faisalgtturbo

    **** Rare Tom's items****

    Bump up ^^^^ Faisal
  18. faisalgtturbo

    ***** some rare items from my collection for sale*****

    Bump^^^ offers people faisal
  19. faisalgtturbo

    EP82 incar Tsubuka

    lmao i thought the same thing !! faisal