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  1. corofin12345

    Turn Signal kaput

    to remove the switch, just unscrew the 2 screws that hold in the center console surround, then pop it off.. switches will come with it
  2. corofin12345

    Glanza radiator switch

    well man, got around to taking off the sensor today and its not working im afraid.. must of sold the rest of them some time ago
  3. corofin12345

    Glanza radiator switch

    if you cant find one local, ive a few here for sale "based in ireland"
  4. corofin12345

    Project 'Nannygeddon'

    toms, nomnom
  5. corofin12345

    Toyota programs and diagnostics

    happens alot of people... if you enter, www.toyodiy into the URL bar at top of page and select first search, it should work... leave out .com but make sure its www.toyodiy
  6. corofin12345

    EP82 Mines ECU M/T

    can a mod edit the title for me please.. my phone got the better of me.. i tried to edit it in full editor but it wont change it once i save
  7. corofin12345

    EP82 Mines ECU M/T

  8. corofin12345

    EP82 Mines ECU M/T

    For sale: ep82 mines ecu for manual transmission Item Condition: perfect, ran in a mk3 GT Price and price conditions: 500 pounds Extra Info: great ecu, nice and aggressive.. removes speed cut, fuel cut, raises rev limit yada yada yada Pictures: Contact Details: pm for full...
  9. corofin12345

    rebuilt turbo smokes :(

    did ya prime it before you put it back on..?? was it a CT9A or B..?? i find once the B's blow, they are fecked.. the cast in around the oil seal on exhaust side crumbles to shit letting more oil than normal in around there and also ruins the bearing and shaft.. the A is a much stronger turbo...
  10. corofin12345

    fun with a carkey

    i giggled.. you would have some explaining to do to the gards over here if they pulled you and saw that... :p
  11. corofin12345

    Anti lag

    was going to explain but ill just let this guy do it :P
  12. corofin12345

    unusual white smoke

    turning over the engine
  13. corofin12345

    ABS light on all the time

    ABS rings were not put back on id say
  14. corofin12345

    Question from a novice

    its the FCD thats doing it... a FCD doesnt solve fueling, it only tricks the ECU into thinking that its not hitting fuel cut... FCD's are killers to these engines if not used properly.. ive 5 4efte's here out the back, all blowen to pieces by FCD's... "FCD+FPR and get the fueling sorted on a...
  15. corofin12345

    Question...need help wit 4efte

    check you map sensor hose for tears or splits.. sounds like thats your problem..
  16. corofin12345

    Low idle

    the question is why its so low tho.. you could try putting the engine is diagnostics mode to see if it settles.. bridge TE1 & E1 in the diagnostic port while the engine is running, this should bring the revs to about 700rpm.. (you do this when timing the engine).. this is only a test really to...
  17. corofin12345

    Low idle

    the idle screw is located under the rubber grommet on top of the throttle body.. oil and EML is coming on simply because the revs are too low
  18. corofin12345

    Wanted for my 1993 EP82

    you can get omp horn buttons from demon tweeks, cheap too
  19. corofin12345

    Glanza ep91 rear nearside caliper

    have a few here.. based in ireland, can ship... pm for details
  20. corofin12345

    fucked twice for a bonnet

    i brought this fella to the attention of mods on here before as he has ripped off many people... a member on toc-irl has mentioned that he "did" send the bonnet but if thats the case then why is he ignoring you..?? ill believe it when the bonnet arrives at your door...!! that still wont defend...